"When's the Best Time to Start my Next Udemy Course?"

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"When's the Best Time to Start my Next Udemy Course?"

"Hello, fellow instructor!

I've just launched a new course on Udemy focusing on orchestration, and I'm considering uploading a course on music history next. In your experience, when would you suggest is the best time to start the second course? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Best regards,"



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The way I see it, every day you put off launching a new product is another day where you have lost potential revenue from it.


It is always better to have two courses than one. Then, you can start cross-promoting students in one course to the other using Udemy promotional announcements and your bonus lecture. Things started taking off for me as soon as I started doing that with my second course. Right now, if someone completes your course and loves it so much that they want to throw more money at you - they can't.


So, my answer is "now." 

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The more courses, the better. The faster you gather them, the better. When I started in 2014, I published my first 10 courses in 10 weeks and did well from the start. I now have 44 courses and make 50% of my Udemy revenue from promotional emails sent to those courses about my other courses. Let "Lots of courses as fast as possible" be your Udemy mantra.


Hope this helps,



The best time was 3-4 years ago, during the pandemic.

Hello Regina,


First, congratulations on launching your orchestra course. This is an Amazing opportunity to observe and assess your progress. I suggest to give it 6 Months before launching a music course.  Now however you can prepare for your music course behind the scene.  You want to give yourself time to reflect and evaluate your your first  course performance this way you will make the necessary adjustments in your music course. 


Thank you, Musu Wheeler 

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