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Planning or Inplimenting

Why are some people so successful in whatever they do?Are they good in planning!Are they good in Inplimenting!Are they best in both! Few of us are very good in planning. Ideas just pour into us as if View more

Community Spotlight: Meet Sharon Ramel


@SharonRamel has been offering spirit based courses online since April 2014. She pioneered shamanism being taught class style online in video format here on Udemy and globally. Her strong points View more

Almost 50K students

Last month was crazy!Not only I made 2X my maximum revenue but also hit 40+ students last month.It's near to 50K now and not just that, I got so many reviews since I launched 3 new courses on View more

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Thankyou everyone!

Hello, my dear instructors and Udemy team. Just a quick note to thank everyone who voted for me for the "Teach the Teacher" award. It was a very humbling experience to win this. I am honoured to be View more

Udemy for Business (UFB) serious issue Best answer

I have 3 courses in Udemy for business (UFB) program, since the 12th of August i noticed that the enrollment of Udemy for business students is abnormal as i didn't get any new enrollments at all in View more

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Community Spotlight: Meet Lindsay Marsh


@LindsayMarsh has had over 14+ years of freelance graphic design experience. She wanted to share that knowledge with the world and started to create online courses in 2016. Now with over 14 classes View more

Reward programs for instructors Best answer

We know that every instructor works hard in creating courses. I personally think, there should be a reward program for instructors to appreciate their efforts. What do you think? View more

Community Spotlight: Meet Frank Kane


In this new series, we're spotlighting some of our most active community members to learn more about their Udemy journey. Let's kick things off with @FrankKane! Frank teaches machine learning and View more

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Latest numbers from Udemy! Best answer

Hello everyone! I’m excited to share that we have more than 40 million students who have access to over 30 million minutes of content on Udemy. More than 50,000 instructors are teaching 130,000 View more

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A Strange Promo :)

Hi, This is my promo video about the "Hacking and Securing Microsoft SQL Server".I am still preparing. It has a interesting story in it.What do you think?How did you find it?I would be glad to hear View more

review scores

udemy scores.jpg

Ok, sometimes you just need to blow your own trumpet. I have just launched a new course on canon lenses, and I am delighted that my first two reviews are 5/5. However, I am even more pleased with my View more

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What are your goals for September?

Happy September! The start of a new month is a great time to think and plan. What do you hope to achieve in September? Share here and we’ll follow up at the end of the month to see how you View more

2 Year Anniversary on Udemy

Hey fellow knowledge sharers! Happy 1st of the month!September is my second anniversary as an instructor on Udemy and it’s been a huge learning curve and exciting journey so far that I don’t see View more

How piracy helps to sell my course

357-Red-Bandana-Pirate-3x5-flag.jpg Nihilists.jpg

First when I opened the link my heart went down. My course is on RuTracker - one of The Largest torrents in internet. Downloaded more than 2000 times, 80 seeds, 15 more people downloading right when View more

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Much love to Udemy - August

Hello ,Just wanted to share my delight .August is turning out to be a great month and a highly consistent one . I have never had no. Of enrolls drop below 5 for the whole month till now. Its more of View more

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I am new here. I need advise.

I want to design a course. I have read 2-3 books and a lot of free downloadable material on the subject, available on the Internet. I have drawn inspiration from them to design the course. I have the View more

What are your top 3 goals for 2019?

It’s hard to believe we’re already 3 months into 2019! At Udemy HQ we spent some time reflecting on successes and failures and plotting our priorities for the year ahead. As an instructor, there are View more

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