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Four Quadrants of Learning

Four Quadrants of Learning.jpg

I’ve always loved this simple model to explain learning and it seems a particularly appropriate topic for this group. Here’s how it works. Every skill begins with unconscious incompetence. This means View more

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Got My Udemy Shirt!


Got My Udemy Shirt! I've never created a course or even a lecture that wasn't a screencast. Now with my Udemy Shirt on, I can get in front of the camera at least to introduce the lectures.I wouldn't View more

What made me decide to create a second course? Best answer

For me, I did not expect much when I created my first course. I created my first course mainly as a side hustle job to earn a few extra bucks to pay the bills. When I made my first 10 dollars during View more

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I was recently approached by what looks like a Udemy port called Bitdegree interested in my courses? They even offered to upload my videos for me, but I'm not sure how legit this platform is? Does View more

One Hundred Little Victories

Each day I try to have 100 little victories. Many mornings, getting out of bed is a major milestone. Brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day earns me an additional check mark on the todo View more

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The 7 Habits vs Traditional Time Management

I cut my professional canines on Alan Lakein’s time management techniques. He taught me to always have something to do and to always make sure I’m doing the most important thing. Then I read "The 7 View more

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2023 - Global education market size

I find this article very useful and interesting and it might motivate you to dive deep in course creation... Global education market by 2013 Summary from report:The global online education market is View more

Tougher Udemy Reviews, Anyone?


Every once in a while I'm playing with Udemy data and something interesting jumps out:It's a tough world out there. At least it's tougher than it used to be. Not only is it harder to get reviews, View more

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10,000 Members


Hey instructors (and aspiring instructors)! Dropping in on this rainy San Francisco Friday afternoon to note that we hit a milestone today. As we cross 10,000 members in this community, it's fun to View more

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Tshirt arrived :) Tax question.

I am now the proud owner of my Udemy T-shirt. Quick question though, if I ordered another will I have to pay import tax again on top of is it included if you pay for postage on a second T? It's just View more

A Huge THANK YOU to our Community Champions

Creating and launching a new home for our instructor community is a pretty big deal. We wanted to make sure we got it right, so we worked closely with our Community Champions to get direct instructor View more

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What was the reason you started to do Udemy?

Hi, i am a newbie and my first language is not English so my excuses if my grammar is not correct, but i wanted to know why all of you have chosen to start this journey? And what drives you to keep View more

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adjusting Best answer

having a difficult time adjusting to the new Udemy Instructor Platform I missed the Scott announcement of Udemy Payoutand I don't see an intuitive way to navigate this system View more

Happy International Women's Day!

In celebration of International Women’s Day we reached out so some of our women instructors and asked them for advice to everyone who teaches on Udemy.We are inspired by these women who spend so much View more

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Is video rendering time a piggyback time?

I have looked everywhere to get a tip on how to make my videos render faster, so that I could get done with editing. All what I have read? Results not satisfactory! Time is of precious importance to View more

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What's your favorite course on Udemy?


Udemy’s mission is to improve lives through learning and as instructors we believe you’re doing that every day. There are thousands of courses on Udemy, and you’ve probably watched your fair share. View more

Let's celebrate positivity! Best answer

“I hope that through my courses my students can find the motivation to improve themselves and to realize those dreams that they have always had but have never been able to achieve. Even if I can only View more

My February Audience & Sales Approach

Zrzut ekranu 2019-03-02 o 06.57.15.png Zrzut ekranu 2019-03-02 o 07.13.18.png Zrzut ekranu 2019-03-02 o 07.34.20.png

Many people, especially young instructors, ask how much can they earn on the course, why the courses do not explode and that sort of questions. During my first mentoring session with Scott Harris (as View more

Perspective Best answer

I love this story from Monsters and Magical sticks . It startles me all the time -Las Vegas, Nevada. The lights are bright, a feeling of excitement hangs in the air. A young couple, on their first View more

Happy 1st of the Month

Hey there fellow instructors and Happy 1st of the Month. I love the first of the month as it gives us chance to take stock of what happened last month, what went well and what didn’t go quite as View more

Neuro Linguistic Programming Best answer

What is NLP?There are many explanation to NLP. Simply put, NLP is about how organizations and individuals get their outstanding results. NLP is about subjective experience how we structure it in a View more

What is your main goal on Udemy?

Hey there fellow instructors, I’d love to hear from everyone whether you are new or an experienced instructor..... What is your main goal on Udemy? It might be to reach a certain amount of students, View more

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