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How to get rid of environment noise when recording myself ?

Hello,I am working on my future first Udemy course and I am facing a problem when recording my voice simultaneously with my screen. I am using a Blue Yeti micro which is very performant at capturing sounds and a video recorder and editing software called Free Cam 8. Since I don't have any 100% isola... View more

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2 of my students have said they are having audio issues, one received a refund and one who just messaged me now has completed 64% of the course but isn't saying in what section the issues arise, what can I do all the audio is clear at my end? Any advice?  View more

Topic Selection

The last step before submitting my first course for review is picking my topic. The capability to do that has been unavailable for several days. The Udemy team is looking in to it. Anyone else have this issue?  After months of work, I'm anxious to get going.  Thanks. View more

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