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*Feedback Thread* How are we doing with the content we create?

Hey Instructor Community!   At the end of each month, we want to take some time to gather feedback from you! As we went through the month of May, we covered topics related to AV. We created various posts and questions to stimulate conversation about how instructors improve their content creation set... View more

NINE years with Udemy, what next Best answer

Hi everyone.With 40 painting courses and nine years of experience it just goes to show that sticking with something can pay off.Until now.I have gradually built up a following, a good reputation, and been a bestseller many times, but now I am struggling to get a decent amount of revenue. October was... View more

Which Editing Software do you use?

Hello Instructors!   We know that everyone has their own style of video creation because we’ve already seen your different audio & visual setups. But for this discussion, we’d love to know which software you are using to pull it all together?   Which editing software do you use and why do you use it... View more

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