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Sucessfully Niching down from an established keyword?

Dear Community! I am in the midst of course creation. I already filmed some lessons that are covering my topic for a broader audience. Before I proceed now, I think I need to specify my niche in greater detail, since my main topic is already saturated with courses:If you look up "learning strategies... View more

Need Help. How do i dampen the sound from my window and door, so i can create my own HOME STUDIO?

In my home i have a room which is relatively silent. I can convert it into my home studio but have two problems. 1. The window. The sound of my noisy neighbors come from there whole day. What can i do on this window to reduce the noise? Instead of curtains if i put thick blanket will it help?       ... View more

window.jpg door.jpg

Hi and Hello, newly published creator...

Hi and Hello,  My name is Toan and I just got my first course approved. I have to admit that it was a challenge with loads of refilmings, but definitely worth it.  I am not sure about the rest of the community, but since publishing my first, I feel that alot of the anxiety has gone away, and I am no... View more

Medical knowledge

Hey guys!I am just about to start my course in Medical field.I will be teaching about human anatomy and physiology and about all the pathological conditions.Is my topic good enough to start?Since you guys have excelled as Udemy instructor,Can you please suggest me tips and tricks to how to start my ... View more

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