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First Course Paid or Free? Best answer

Hi,Community I am Waqar new here on this great udemy platform just about to finish my very first course. I am wondering either me should publish my very first course for Free or Paid [set a price] and is there a udemy policy or way to turn a Free course into a Paid course later on? Would be so grate... View more

How to start Udemy journey as a teacher?

Hello there! Myself Sayanti Mukherjee, founder and teacher of Mitali coching hub. I started my teaching journey on 2016 in Howrah, West Bengal. But after 2019's terrific time of COVID-19, I had to stop my coching centre. After that I have pursued some courses for my own stability and future.Now, I a... View more

Deactivate Udemy Promotions for Self Marketed Students

Dear Community,  I am about to publish my first course and need a bit of help related to promotions. I want to activate Udemy promotions but only for the students who will be discovering my course on Udemy.  I will be promoting the course myself as well through my course link to get a 97% share. But... View more

Traffic & conversion-strange site

Hello,I've been looking into the traffic and conversion of my course and in the sources it shows a site called anonymz. I clicked on it and it just shows a site that says there you can block the referer when a vistitor clicks a link on your homepage and i've had 3 visitors from there. Does anybody k... View more

Introduce Yourself!

  Hi there!   Welcome aboard, our community is excited to have you here! We'd love to get to know you better, so here's a place for you to introduce yourself (if you’d like) and meet other members as they join.   Some questions you may answer to get your thoughts flowing:   Who are you? Where are... View more

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