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i am fail because perfectionist and must perfect and not submit the course

this is my really my true story,if i want achive something, i must make videos more than that, but i have'nt equipment, experience, which is the same as him. and the and, i'm not submit my course.and feel fail or loose in this course.maybe there are story solution for me.to make a course to can subm... View more

I'm new

Hi guyz Iam Andile mahlobo,new instructor for Business studies and economics...can someone help me to get used to Udemy,on how it works .. payment methods...how to upload a picture as I'm also struggling there  View more

Losing Motivation

Hi Everyone, Lately I've been putting so much effort into my course as far as expanding it and rerecording lectures due to student requests that I zoom in less. I started out with amazing reviews and now I'm getting more and more bad reviews. I was at 5 then dropped a little and now I'm at 4.0. Also... View more

Course specifications

Dear advisor,Some brief info about me:- My name is Spyros Vrettos. I am based in Athens - Greece. Have two Masters degrees. One in Architecture (U of Minnesota) and the other in film making (NYU).- I am a writer and director for film and TV projects. - I have an experience in open distant learning c... View more

Let's welcome our new members! [May 2023]

   Hello , We're delighted to extend a warm welcome to our newest members who have joined us in the Instructor Community in May.    Let's take a moment to welcome :    @Baran236, @EVSPrakash, @Yassin47, @NileshPraja221, @EbuteWilliams566, @Artlink, @HBK24, @kmasalas, @DawitBezuneh, @AhnadHanifAR,... View more

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