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Equipment recommendations, please

Hello all! My home studio setup is coming along, and the only problem I'm having is with the actual video recording. I started out using the smartphone I got about a year ago (Samsung Galaxy Light). The result is pretty good, but I can NOT transfer the MP4 from the smartphone to my laptop computer. ... View more


Hello friends im still making my course, and my question: I'm doing everything in English because now reside in the USA; but I also consider Spanish as important, and in from Argentina.What do you suggest? upload the course in English and the same on the other hand in Spanish? View more

Udemy's mobile app is on Apple's demo devices!

Hey everyone! We have some super exciting news to share with you. Apple recently added Udemy's mobile app to their demo devices, so now you can see Udemy's app pre-loaded on iPads at over 500 Apple stores around the world! From New York To Los Angeles  To Tokyo! We're super pumped to share our onlin... View more

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Can I have Video as one lecture and the transcript as another lecture?

I am thinking that some students prefer lecture as Video and some other prefer to read text. Is it possible to have each of my lectures in both formats? It will be up to Student to select one or both of them? What are your thoughts?  I do not like the solution of Powerpoint slides as my lectures can... View more

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