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Question about "# of Emails"

Hi There,   I saw the new feature added on the communication > emails section that says "# of Emails" so while this is not directly clear - when i hover over it says:   I have over 25000 students, half of these students are non UB, how come the number is just 76 for the number of people receiving t... View more

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My courses are deleted

I had submitted a request for understanding then why my course was deleted from udemi it was resubmit I had republished it again but the you Demi had remove it again but the you udemy has as removed it again I don't understand why this is happening if anyone can help me please help me with this my c... View more

Not sure why it always shows incomplete instructor profile Best answer

Hi experienced instructors, I need your help with the below issues within the instructor profile. I have already successfully posted a course, and now I'm preparing the 2nd course, but it still shows me an incompleted instructor profile as below. I'm not even sure about the issues that caused this a... View more

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Where does the learner find details of a lecture?

Hi everyone, I hope this post finds you well. I'm having a problem displaying lecture details on Udemy. I've written descriptions for each lecture, but when I preview the content as a learner, I only see the lecture title and not the description. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a fi... View more

Instructor Attitudes, Myths and Misconceptions:

The Udemy instructor community is diverse. Some have an idea for one course and their interest ends there. Others seek to make teaching online their fulltime business or career. Having observed and spoken with many very successful instructors I have noticed both some common attitudes of success and ... View more

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