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الScrap in Europe and ways to benefit from it

First of all I thank you, for you have honored me with a great opportunity to express what I want My topic, which I would like to ask you, is a small project that starts and then grows and grows Many of you, especially in Europe, know that there are a lot of small equipment for houses that owners th... View more

Wandering how the review feedback works.

I had my first course go live about a week ago.. in the first three days I had 3 people take my course..  they all gave a 5 star rating and a good review.. Yet on my course it says you have 3 students and 1 review.. Whay arrn't the others showing?  Wouldnt that help me by showing all students so far... View more

Dark History

I am interested in starting a course to teach what isn’t taught in the average history book. The things nobody talks about in your history classes. I’d like to discuss the myths, legends, curses, paranormal experiences and backstories of history icons throughout the years. I want to revolve all the ... View more

Getting your first sales

Hey guys, I've created a fairly extensive course on band management that I put a lot of time and effort into. The camera work, editing and subject matter are all up to scratch. I have gotten a bunch of free students onto the course and some have left reviews, all good. But I have not gotten any sale... View more

Subtitles not generated Best answer

Hi everyone! Happy to be here. I've enjoyed reading through this section and have learned a lot!So, I just published my second course. I had published my first last year, then unpublished it and made a better one. I can see improvement! (second one was a lot better than the first, so I assume the th... View more

Important update to Instructor Terms

Hey instructors! You’ve chosen to share your online courses on our platform, so we’re committed to keeping you updated about changes that might affect you. On that note, we’ve made some updates to our Instructor Terms, as well as to the Promotions Policy.    Here’s a quick look at what’s changed:   ... View more

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