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Hello, my fellow instructors. I recently published my course, "The Psychology of Toxic Relationships," and I'm thrilled to share the link with you.My question is, how do I get students to enroll in my course?    [Course link removed]  View more

Want an Opinion on Your Upcoming/New Course From a Top Seller?

Update 02/21: I continue to provide feedback to people leaving comments on this post. I will be traveling for the next week and won't be able to do much in that time. But please be patient, and I will return to this thread when I return.   Hi there, my name is Scott, and I've been on Udemy for nine ... View more

Payment Method (Belarus) Best answer

Hello, dear Community! Could anybody help me with choosing the proper payment method? I have created my first course, but could not define with payments. I am from Belarus. Paypal is banned here, and not sure if we could use Payoneer. Please advise your solutions. Suppose, teachers from Russia have ... View more

Questions related to course links and downloadable resources.

QUESTION 1: Can I share the DIRECT LINK to my Udemy course (free or paid) anywhere, such as on Facebook, Pinterest posts, blogs, resumes, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, with friends and family, on Fiverr, Upwork profiles, CVs, WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp statuses, etc.? QUESTION 2: Can I share my Udemy c... View more

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