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Bonus lectures: articles or videos?

Has anyone experimented with using article-based bonus lectures vs. video-based?


If you're trying to drive students to your website or other courses, I wonder if an article format would be more effective. In a video lecture, students would have to find your links in the attachments to the lecture, or type them in by hand after seeing them on-screen. But in an article, you can put the links you want them to click on right in front of them.


But, an article misses the personal connection a video can bring.


If you've tried both, how did they compare in terms of results?


I’ve not tried both but it is a very interesting idea from the point of view of engagement.

All of my bonus lectures are in article format at the moment as I think that clicks would come easier than typing it in...... but would be an interesting experiment!


I can confirm that yes you can create an article bonus video. I use article lectures for my bonus videos where I link out to my other courses and it works moderately well.


Hi @FrankKane I have tried both - the video was a spectacular failure, I love the personal connection however I rarely had people purchasing my other courses from it. Once I switched to using the article version it changed immediately - this brings in a healthy swag of sales week in and week out.


I use a video lecture, and point out how they can get the coupons from the downloadable PDFs in that lecture (They are attached as resources).

I get about 30% of my own coupons from my bonus lecture, and my own coupons are about 15% of my sales (so bonus lecture is ~5% of total sales).


I saw a significant increase in sales from my bonus lecture when I added video.


I am also sending students to my website for additional resources, but not sure how many from the bonus lecture.



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