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So ok you’ve had this great idea to create an online course. You were full of enthusiasm but today you’ve hit a brick wall. You just can’t seem to get going. You are procrastinating. It’s all milling around in your head but nothing is happening.


Don’t worry we’ve all had those moments. I am a super procrastinator so I can go off track really easily especially if I’m finding something challenging to do, like course creation.


So how can you unblock yourself?

Here are some tips to try out…all you need to do is grab your notebook and a pen.

Just pick 2 or 3 things from the list below and do each one for just 20 minutes.

Just doing something different for a short time can trigger your brain into focus and bam you’re back on the production train again.


1. Get your outline onto the Udemy dashboard if you haven't already - so you can physically see the course building bit by bit.
2. Explore your course objectives / course landing page and see if you can improve them – again write them into your course and keep tweaking.
3. Start to fill in the lecture descriptions - and remember you can tweak as you go along.
4. Watch a variety of preview videos from courses in the same topic area as yours to understand their offering and work out how yours will be different.
5. Get a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm your own Bio – explore other instructors Bios for ideas
6. Start to write your Bio into Udemy - and remember you can tweak this at any point.
7. Research and explore additional documents /material you can add to your course.
8. Create your additional documents.
9. Spend time here in the forum Studio U observing and getting involved.
10. Brainstorm course titles and subtitles.
11. Have a play and experiment with your test video and filming in general.
12. Take the plunge and submit your test video - you'll get great feedback.
13. Get creative and start to explore your course image(s).

14. Get brave and hold yourself to account by posting about your course and course launch date on social media.
15. Try not to be a perfectionist. Tell yourself your course is a "work in progress" and you can continually improve it after it is live.
16. Remind yourself that doing something is better than nothing.

17. Have a complete break, grab a coffee or go for a walk.


Have you got any other tips to add to the list? 


@AliciaPaz: Love this list and I am the Queen of procrastination at times.  I would add for me to do something!  If you are like not into filming today and the script seems overwhelming go choose something else- #14.  Make the graphic for the course, write the landing page, anything even a 2 min. project just to have some momentum.


My best/worst tip and this might be bad if you truly procrastinate and don't do anything- I post on social media my launch date!  Yes, I give myself a public (reasonable) timeline that I feel an obligation to stick to.  I create a countdown on IG and the pressure is enough for me to put my ass in gear!


Also over time, I have streamlined my process (I think @GregReverdiau started a post on it a month or two back) and it has helped me make this so much faster and also choose my next step over a long to-do list that is too much to handle so I just eat ice cream instead!


Great list. Thank you. Here are a couple items I’ve found that might be appropriate.  

  1. Do something on your project every day. DeniseFletcher suggests 20 minutes. I opt for 10. In any case, the point is to do something every day.
  2. If you are still not in the mood after that initial 10 (or 20) minutes, then stop. I find that if I don’t EVER honor my commitment to stop after 10 minutes, then I never start. I seldom abandon my project after 10 minutes, but there are times when things just aren’t working. Forcing myself to continue just generates frustration, resentment (and garbage).
  3. Be willing to scrap an afternoon’s / day’s / week’s / (okay, not month’s) material. If you are anything like me, some of your best work just will not fit your course. My biggest frustration is trying to adapt my course to include a lecture that doesn’t fit. It may be entertaining, interesting and some of my best work. And I’ve spent hours and hours developing it. But if it disrupts the course flow, it needs to go away. That’s hard. But continuing to try to make it fit creates an almost insurmountable course development blockage.




Thanks for your advices! 

I'm just starting being an "instructor". 

I have a lot to learn how to create my first course.