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Recording your desktop can be achieved using any number of software programs designed to do just that. These programs are called 'screen capture software'. Many applications will capture not only what is onyour screen but also what is seen through your webcam and heard through your microphone.


You may have heard of Camtasia? Whilst this is a screen capture tool it is also a video editor and boasts a number of features targeted at the online education sector. Its down side is that it is not cheap.


You may also have heard of ScreenCast-O-Matic. This is also a screen recording software. And it does come with a very rudimentary editor (paid version). I like its simplicity and is ideal for quick short videos and screencasts.


You might even have heard of OBS (Open Broadcast Software)? Primarily aimed at gamers to stream gaming sessions. It can also save those streams locally as video files. This makes it a very good application for creating screencasts. Oh, and did I mention its free? 😉


So, whichever application you are using, remember that you may also need a seperate video editor? You might need a certain feature? Or, you might be starting on a budget? What ever your situation - there is something available for you to get started right now.


I hope you find this useful? If you do, give it a like and let others find this post.

Warm regards, Robin.


@Anonymous: I use ScreenFlow and find it really good for what I do. First I start with iShowUHD but for some reason, I left it behind. Still, have it but just collecting dust. ScreenFlow is a good solution for people who just starting and need all in one solution. The software offer editing, transactions, effects, sound adjustments, just to name a few. 


Most of the time I edit everything in Adobe Premiere Pro but as I mention if you starting and you don't have a subscription for Adobe then ScreenFlow is good as a one-off buy.


Of course, all of the above mentioned are good solutions but I never try them and can't say much about them.


@AmrinGrewal: Camtasia is great for price!


@Chris_Haroun: I use Wirecast as I stream a lot online...and I am not smart enough to understand OBS - no joke : ) 


Prior to this, I used the following 2 products:


On my Mac: Quicktime


On my Windows PC: PowerPoint (on the Windows version you can do an "Insert Screen Record")


@ZbigniewMisiak: I use Loom (


Best regards,




@MarcoAdda75@Robin_Slee for Mac users, I work with Screenflow, free and easy to use, it's a great one. 


@JeffSharman592: I would like to add my experiences in course creation right from the beginning.

My first course was trial and error. I made some talking heads video using a Canon camera on a tripod. The sound quality was terrible. I then did the same thing using a Samsung Smart phone on a tripod. Much better than the camera.

I use a Dell laptop with built-in webcam and Mic. Originally on quite an old laptop. It was OK but the sound quality needed improvement. I purchased a separate Mic which improved it a lot. 

It is always necessary to have some good audio and video editing software. There are some free ones around, but I opted for NCH Videopad, Wavepad and Debut Video Capture. All excellent and not that expensive. Very user friendly and effective. 

I now have a new Dell laptop and I still use the built in Mic and Webcam. Excellent quality and after editing, noise is virtually non-existent. I don't use a separate Mic anymore or Webcam for my recordings.

I have made a recording booth to cut down echo and outside ambient noise. Cheap and easy. A plastic box covered in a thick multi-layered blanket. Works beautifully. 

It is nice to know that you don't have to spend a fortune to obtain good results.


I use zoom for my Virtual Classroom learning. It does record during the class so it should work.  




Can I also use the same pattern to record my lectures, as I'm engineer and I want to record my lectures on specific topics. 


I joined workshop on my course subjects at but I'm unable to attend all the classes. Can I join remaining classes on Udemy?