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How to stay motivated during course creation procedure?

Check out what instructors are doing to remain motivated during the course creation process!


@GregReverdiau: It can be difficult from time to time to stay motivated but think about all the future students you will help with your course. It might seem like a gigantic task to create an entire course so create a little checklist of all the things you have to do and tackle one after the other. I also like to mix it up by just doing different tasks throughout the process. Like creating slides, then recording, then editing, then creating slides again and starting the process. It helps with the daunting task like editing which can take a long time. 

Best of luck to you. 


@Laurence-Svekis: This is one of the hardest parts I find to building the courses.

I break apart the process in manageble chunks then set my weekly schedule to accomplish them.  

I have courses that have taken sometimes 6 months or longer to build and the task tracking has kept me one track.


@GianniBruno011: Hi,


My key tips are:

  1. careful planning
  2. breaking down tasks into sizeable chunks
  3. scheduling

As they say, 90% of the work is preperation. If you've planned your course well, then, like a jigsaw, it will all form together nicely. 


I spend most of my time planning the course sections and lectures within those sections. I gain an idea of what I want to cover and then I bullet point key points. I then (since my courses are technical) plan the code that's to be used during the lectures. 


Once happy with the planning, I start creating content by recording videos. I then place these draft videos into a depository before editing them to a finalised version.


If I take a step back and look at all the tasks ahead, it would be like looking at a moutain of work. To avoid this, I schedule by outstanding tasks and then schedule time each day week-by-week to clearly state what I want to achieve and devote time doing it.


Bit by bit you will complete lectures and sections. By the end of the schedule you'll have next to a perfect course that has been well formed and designed.


As they say, each journey starts with a single step. The motivation for me is finding out if my course is going to be successful. People I'm sure will say it's mostly about helping people (for which it plays a big part) but money is also a motivator. Some courses (if done right) could make considerable amounts each month.  For me it's 50/50. 50% helping people and 50% to provide a new source of income (yes, I'm being very honest - but hey, we've got to live, right? 😉)


Finally, I would say that hard work pays off. Many people spend time after work watching tv, playing games etc. Some of us (especially on this instructors board) make use of our spare time and from that everyone's a winner. It takes devotion and effort but remember the pain of it all is only temporary.


Keep motivated!






@McCleish868: What helps me to stay motivated is knowing that I will be added value to at least one person. Also, in the building process, I usually like to try something new that I have never done before so it makes it to be fun as well. Lastly, just talking with friends and family where I am at with the building journey and they adding value to me with their thoughts on the course.


Continue to keep building!