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Instructor Tips: Youtube Content

YouTube is best way to get the word out.

It free and everyone use it!

1. Start a channel featuring your own brand (if you haven't done it already)

2. Create and post new videos once or twice a week. (make sure you are sharing values - not promotions)

3. Place link(s) on the video description to direct interested viewers to your Udemy course. Make sure to add one of your discount coupon to the link.

4. Organize your channels in categories

5. Invite your Udemy students (and YouTube viewers) so subscribe to your channel.

6. Share your videos on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter...

7. Have fun with it!



Agree with all of this and use most of this myself.  I also use videos that are good quality but for some reason, I choose not to put in my course (I re-shoot videos 6 times.)  Maybe it's a bit longer and re-do it for Udemy.  Those videos, as well as some polished ones, go on my YouTube.  I also make sure the videos are something people will search for.  I teach mental health topics, so I will make a video and be sure to title it as a specific skill and also check to see what videos are out there on a specific topic first.  If I see 3 videos that are 5 years old and have 20k views each I will make a video on that topic!  If I see 1000 videos on a topic, all new and with 10 views each, I will not.


I have not done this in a while, but I use to sell webinars on topics (or do free ones, some of which were easy weekly Q&A) and record them to post later on.  Those were very successful in the initial sale, also selling the recording and gaining students.


Thanks for this, Luca. I'm new to Udemy and scrolling through the suggested articles regarding marketing and your post gave me an idea that I could immediately implement on my YouTube channel. So thank you for that! 😃


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