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The Importance of Bonus Lecture

Hi guys, I just wanted to share with all of you my thought about bonus lecture... I took the time to make a bonus lecture for all my courses and put there all my coupons code and it is really paying off... Every day I'm having some student using a coupon to enroll in one or more of my courses...

I'm writing this post as I also notices that many of the courses I'm enrolled in as a student don't have a bonus lecture or if they have there are not all the coupons for their courses...
That's really a big waste!


I have not used that heaviliy in all my course, I have tried in a couple only - I was not impressed by the outcome. My courses are long and students need weeks, months to finish it... so getting to a bonus lecture takes a very long time and we cannot advertise it.


However, do it fully or do not do that at all 🙂 So... hard to judge.


It is on my list to do next month - add a bonus lecture with a coupon.


Will share my views when I finish it 🙂


I think Bonus Lectures and Course Promo are the most under-utilized features on Udemy courses. They are a great way to get more students for sure! 

For those wondering what can and can't go into the Bonus Lecture, be sure to check these Udemy guidelines


We have one bonus lecture and accompanying files that link to all our other courses with coupon codes. We use the same one on every course so it doesn't take much time to add. We have a separate summary/congratulations message for students as they complete a course, that is unique to that course. We find a pretty decent amount of sales from the bonus lecture. It is one of our many sales tactics that only takes an extra 30 seconds or so to add to a new course. This month, for example, the code we use in the bonus lecture is our second highest promotional code-the top one being our new launch code for the course that was released this week.


Completely agree,

I have a short "Now what" video where I suggest next steps for the student, then I talk about my other courses, the books and tests they should use. Less than 2 minutes.

Then I have a text lecture where I have links to my own classes, books and all the other resources I mentioned. 

My highest coupon this month, it is normally in the top 2, that and my promotional announcements. (unless I launch a new course then that would be #1). 



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