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Ramesh Fadatare
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Revenue: Udemy vs YouTube

Hi All,

I have been using YouTube and Udemy for teaching and earnings.

Many new Instructors asked (they came from YouTube): Which is a good source of income either YouTube or Udemy?

Here are stats of my both YouTube and Udemy:

I made 90K+ subscribers on YouTube in 3 years with 25K revenue (lifetime).

On Udemy, I earned 36K revenue in a single year.

Look at the difference 😊

If you want to earn more on Udemy then your courses should be in UFB (Udemy for Business). It means you need to create high-quality courses so that Udemy will consider your course for UFB.

You can also earn decent money (via ads, sponsorships, etc) on YouTube but it takes a lot of time to build an audience and views.

I suggest using YouTube for building the audience and experiments. Udemy for earnings and maybe a full-time job.

If you are from YouTube and new to Udemy then this post might help to know about earnings on Udemy vs YouTube.



Who Me Too'd this topic