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no enrollments for a while :( Please offer some advice/help/insights

Hello instructors,


We just updated our course and changed it from FREE to PAID. When it was free, we had steady enrollments and good reviews; However, ever since we put a price on the course, we haven't had any enrollments at all. It's been like 2 weeks...


Am I being anxious or is it normal? We have tried lots of marketing methods such as posting clips on Twitter/Youtube/LinkedIn, and generating free coupons for people to enroll, but so far the impact is minimal. 


We are a two-people team. Our content is rich with lots of animations and design. We were told it's really a great course but we are frustrated and stuck as to how to attract more students.


Can someone please have a look and offer some diagnosis/advice?







Sorry for tagging you guys but it would be great if I could get some help 🙂 Thank you in advance.  


Who Me Too'd this topic