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Crossed 90k Course Enrollments in 7 Months

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I remember when I started out in January 2022 and thought of creating a course and after filling information I just let it. Then in may I had some free time and I create a short course on WordPress Development and freelancing  and didn't had good results from it.


But by time, when I found some amazing reviews and comments telling me that my courses are actually helping people to build their sources and to learn more about freelancing and digital stuff. I created more content and now I have 8 courses on udemy published within 7 months and 90k+ enrollments with 45k+ students means, most of my students have enrolled into my multiple courses.


But I am glad that my content is contributing somehow and helping people build their income.


Thanks to Allah Almighty for that much blessing first of all and secondly to @JohnThompson , @Rahul Iyer ,   @TonyAlicea , @KylePew and all other respected instructors for inspiring and motivating




Who Me Too'd this topic