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Teleprompter software or app

Hi everyone, happy new year! 🎉 


I’ve seen a few posts about teleprompters, but they all seem to relate to an actual device which is used to display words when another decide shows the mirrored text. I’d prefer to find an online solution by way of some software or an app, that I can hit play on and have it somewhere on my screen, ideally just under the webcam!


I’ve found an iPhone app that is pretty good, granted the words take up most of my screen so I can’t see myself talking but that’s not a problem. But for my Windows laptop, I’m not sure what to use - does anybody have any recommendations?


I’ve recently spent out on a webcam, microphone, ring light etc and so I’d rather not have the cost of another bit of kit if I can find a suitable programme!


Thank you ️ 

Who Me Too'd this topic