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Some practices to make your students love your course

I like to suggest these practices to make your students love your course and hence reward you with good students ratings and income:

1. Make your course interesting, relevant and practical by connecting its content to current real-world examples and events.
2. Encourage your students' engagement by creating opportunities for them to ask questions and participate actively in your interactive activities.
3. Use technology effectively by including interactive tools to make your course more dynamic.
4. Provide clear and concise instructions about your course expectations and include tools/ways to help your students to stay organized and on track.
5. Be approachable, accessible and available by responding to your students' questions in a timely manner.
6. Provide meaningful, constructive and specific feedback on your students' work in a timely manner so they can see what they have done well and where they need to improve.
7. Personalize your course by incorporating savvy personal stories to humanize your course and make it more relatable.

Best regards,


Ahmed Jendoubi, Ph.D.
Who Me Too'd this topic