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Obstacles in publishing my first course


Hello everyone,


I hope you are all well, I am reaching out in the hope of gaining some insights and advice from you all regarding a situations I've recently encountered when trying to publish my first course on Udemy.


The context might start familiar for many of you, I've been working hard on creating an online course for months, designing it to fit the Udemy style, and when it was finally complete, I eagerly submitted it for review.


When submitting it, Udemy asked me to do a verification step, taking me to Persona to upload an ID and take a video of my face, all was well, this happened on June 30th.


With an estimated verification time of 2-3 business days, I waited patiently.
Fast forward to Friday on June 7th I was getting a bit worried because I received no response and my course was still locked, so I sent Udemy an email and kindly asked for a status update.


Their response was a weird one, asking me to confirm my account and email address, which I did, and that was the last response to come from that thread.


The next day, I was logged out of my Udemy account, unable to log back in with a message saying my account was suspended temporarly and that I need to contact for more information.

I wrote to Udemy again, asking for any information, but all I received were automated responses.


It's weird for me to think this is a policy related issue, because I believe I've been extremely careful to adhere to all of Udemy's policies and guidelines, and to the best of my knowledge, I haven't violated any rules. The sudden suspension without any clear explanation has left me quite perplexed and disheartened.


I wrote them another mail trying to ask for information, and the only response was again a template.


All this lead me here, asking for your help. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? How did you handle it?

I'm open to any suggestions and advice. I believe in the value of the course I've created, and I'm eager to find a way to share it with learners who could benefit from it.


Thank you for reading.

TL;DR: After months of hard work, I completed an online course and submitted it to Udemy. During the verification process, my account was unexpectedly suspended without clear explanation. Despite multiple attempts to contact Udemy, I've only received automated responses. I'm seeking advice from anyone who has experienced a similar situation or has insights on how to handle this.

Who Me Too'd this topic