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Hey fellow Udemy gurus!


Dan here, and yes, before you ask, I’m that guy who once tried to explain web dev to his cat, The First(Prima). Spoiler alert: Prima still prefers chasing lasers rather then web dev , but it was a pawsitively enlightening attempt!

All cat pun aside, I have a passion for breaking down the most intricate tech problems into bite-sized, easily digestible nuggets. Why? Because I believe everyone deserves to grasp the wonders of our digital age without getting tangled in the jargon jungle. And if I can make a cat semi-interested in web dev, just imagine what I can do for eager human learners!

I've joined this vibrant Udemy community not just to share my knowledge, but to help folks light up those “Aha!” bulbs above their heads. My mantra? Making complex tech topics as simple as a cat video and twice as entertaining. It’s all about ensuring everyone gets a fair chance to learn, grow, and perhaps even teach me a thing or two.

Beyond the pixels and codes, you’ll usually find me sipping my morning brew, daydreaming of the day Prima and I co-host a tech podcast. But until that dreamy day, I’m here, ready to connect, share, and collaborate.

So, if you ever fancy a chat about tech, teaching, or ai, I'm your guy! Let’s help each other create courses that make learning both fun and feline-friendly!

Who Me Too'd this topic