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Webinar Replay: AMA w/ Udemy CMO Genefa Murphy


Hello Instructors!


In the ever-evolving world of online education, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for both instructors and learners. That's why we're excited to bring you an exclusive opportunity to dive deep into the insights and strategies shaping the future of Udemy, directly from the source. Posted above is a special replay of our recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Genefa Murphy, Udemy's Chief Marketing Officer.


In this one-hour session, Genefa fields a wide range of questions from our Udemy Instructor community. From the latest marketing strategies to enhancing course visibility, to the intricacies of course pricing in today's dynamic market, Genefa offers valuable insights that will empower instructors. 


Below is a summary of the types of questions that were asked during the live session. These questions reflect a wide range of interests and concerns from the Udemy community, including marketing strategies, instructor support, course quality and differentiation, pricing and promotional tactics, platform features, and partnerships.


  1. Marketing Strategies and Plans for 2024: Questions about Udemy's marketing strategy, focusing on awareness, perception, and preference, and plans to address challenges and opportunities in 2024.
  2. Customer Acquisition: Queries on reaching new customers amidst the declining effectiveness of email and social media marketing.
  3. Marketing Differentiation: Discussion on different marketing approaches for Udemy Business and individual students.
  4. Course Success Factors: Insight into what contributes to a course's success on Udemy.
  5. Video Advertisements and Sponsored Content: Consideration of ramping up video ads and sponsored content.
  6. Marketing Tactics for Instructors: Advice on the best marketing practices for instructors, including user-generated content and influencer marketing.
  7. Course Inclusion in Udemy Business: Process for getting a course included in Udemy Business following demand from companies.
  8. Course Pricing Adjustments: Plans regarding adjustments to course pricing in response to inflation.
  9. AI Features for Instructors: Potential implementation of AI features to assist with course SEO.
  10. Content Diversification: Efforts to diversify course content beyond technology and software.
  11. Course Length Limitations: The possibility of removing the 30-minute course limit to align with micro-learning trends.
  12. Shift in Marketing Focus: Transition from low-cost to value-based pricing strategies.
  13. Marketing Options Improvements: Enhancements to marketing options on the Udemy platform.
  14. Reaching Out to Udemy: Clarification on how to contact Udemy for various inquiries.
  15. Cohort-based Learning and Community Features: Plans regarding cohort-based learning and community-building features.
  16. Udemy and McLaren Partnership: Information on the partnership between Udemy and McLaren Racing.
  17. Promotion of Competitive Topics: Strategies for promoting courses in highly competitive topics like Python.
  18. Revenue Share for Instructors: Concerns about reduced revenue share for instructors on Udemy for Business.
  19. User-Generated Content Promotion: Opportunities for instructors to create and have Udemy promote user-generated content.
  20. Landing Page A/B Testing: Possibility of allowing instructors to A/B test landing pages to improve conversions.
  21. Marketing Support for Instructors: Advice on how Udemy can support instructors feeling nervous about marketing their courses.
  22. Future of Non-Business Courses: Future prospects for non-business courses on Udemy.
  23. Feature to Tip Instructors: Recommendation to add a feature allowing students to tip instructors upon completing a course.
  24. Impact of Free Courses: Query about the impact of offering free courses on the rankings of paid courses.

We'd love to know which part you found most insightful, leave us a comment below!

Who Me Too'd this topic