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reviews and ratings

First, i would like to thank Udemy for giving me an opportunity to present my courses to a very huge global audience.

I am a part-time instructor with my main job as a sales engineer.I am very happy with udemy platform.

I have only published three courses and its getting to slowly pick up and I am grateful to udemy in this regards.

My problem is rating should be asked only at the end of course as I had received a five-star rating from a student and another one star from another student who had just completed only 3% of my course.

This rating definitely impacts my overall rating and all students will not have the patience to see the full reviews. 

another of my course after being in udemy for a month does not have a single review yet but students do enrol.


How do I cope up with situations like this? I just wanted to know since I am completely new to udemy and only 5 months passed.


thank you


Vinod KJ


Who Me Too'd this topic