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Identity Verification Process

Greetings Everyone,


My name is venkatesh, and im from India, while i was trying to complete Identity Verification Process, the automated version of verification asked for my name , father name and PAN card number, though i submitted the details exactly as in my PAN card, but it failed authontication for some reason, then i had to go with alternate way of Identity Verification Process for which i submited the video request as mentioned in the instruction.

i went through the FAQ of the process, per FAQ it takes 24 hours to get this reviewed, but its been more than 40hrs and i havent heard back from Udemy.  i did had chat with support guys they mentioned the video was 20MB due to which they could not get the video to the verification department, unfortunatley i couldnt find any instruction about size of the video to be submitted,  and luckily the chat support guy mentioned i can share Gdrive or dropbox link.

I have shared the Gdrive link and awaiting verification process. 

has anyone experienced similar situation before submitting their first course, or any idea how long could this take ideally ? .  also per the instruction if i fail to finish the verification by 7th July my account will be deleted does this mean only the instructor account will be deleted or the entore account (student account included) ?

Who Me Too'd this topic