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Community Manager

How to navigate Udemy's community platform

Welcome to Udemy’s Instructor Community! We’re so happy you’re here.


New platforms can be difficult to navigate for the first time, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you find the best place to ask questions and get advice.


Sections & forums


Studio U

Studio U is a space for all Udemy instructors — aspiring, just published, or veteran — to connect and exchange ideas. If you’re brand new to Udemy, Studio U is the place to start.


Within Studio U, we’ve divided the conversation into four forums:


  • Welcome & Introductions: Create an introduction video and share it in this forum. You can also watch other instructors’ videos to get to know them better. This is also the place to find our community guidelines.


  • First-time Course Creation: This space is for aspiring instructors who are working on their first ever Udemy course. If you’re confused by something or just need some clarification, check out this forum for guidance.


  • A/V Solutions: Mastering audio and visuals is one of the hardest parts of creating a course, especially if you’ve never made a video before. Use this forum when you need help recording, editing or troubleshooting the videos for your course.


  • Stories & Inspiration: Share funny jokes or inspirational stories with other instructors. This is a space for you to connect with your peers and motivate one another.

Published Instructor Club

Published Instructor Club is an exclusive space for published Udemy instructors. When you publish your first course, you will immediately get access to this section.


Within Published Instructor Club, we’ve divided the conversation into four forums:


  • Course Creation: You know how to create a course and use Udemy’s platform, but there are always areas to improve and streamline. Use this forum to chat about more advanced course creation tactics.


  • Marketing: There are so many different ways to market yourself and your courses. Discuss the different strategies you’ve tried and learn from other instructors’ experiences.


  • Course Management: This space is for you to get (and share) tips and tricks for how you manage your course once you have students, including responding to student feedback and updating published courses.


  • Stories & Milestones: Share your wins with the community. Whether that’s hitting a revenue goal, laughing at a blooper or overcoming a major challenge, we want to hear it all.


International communities

Our Instructor Community has members all around the world, so we created international communities in different languages to enable non-English speaking instructors to share their experiences with their peers.


We have Studio U communities in: 

You can switch between the different language communities by using the toggle in the lower right corner of the site.


In each international community, we have two forums:


  • Announcements & Resources: This space is for Udemy to share exciting updates and news, alongside our community guidelines.


  • Discussion: Use this forum to share your experiences and learn from other instructors. You can talk about anything, from first-time course creation to marketing and course management.


Posts & replies


  • Creating a post: To start a new post, click the red “Start a Conversation” button and start writing! Be sure to select the forum you want the post to live in too.


  • Editing your post: To edit your post, click “Options” in the top right corner of your post and select “Edit Message”.


  • Accepting a “solution”: Find the reply you think offers the best answer to your question or adds the most insight. Click “Options” (top right corner of the post) and select “Accept as Solution.” This will push the reply to the top of the thread and indicate that it’s the accepted solution.


  • Reporting a post: If you see a post or comment that breaks our community code of conduct, please flag it for our moderation team by clicking “Options” and selecting “Report Inappropriate Content.”


Other features


  • Search: Use the search bar at the very top of the community site to find answers to common questions. Our search function will even pull results from our support page and Teaching Center.


  • Instructor leaderboard: Instructors who receive a lot of likes are recognized on the Instructor Leaderboard.


  • Activity feeds: You can see activity for the entire community, or a specific section by scrolling down on its homepage. Use the tabs to sort by “Latest,” “Top Liked,” and “Unanswered”.


  • Pin a post: If you find a conversation that you find really helpful, you can pin a post so it stays at the top of the forum by going to “Options” and clicking “Float this Topic for Current User”. Only you will be able to see posts that you “float”.


  • Subscribe to posts and labels: You can subscribe to posts and labels that you find particularly interesting so you get a notification whenever there’s a new post. To subscribe to a post, click “Options” and select “Subscribe”. To subscribe to a label, click the “Subscribe” hyperlink in the blue bar for that label.


  • Bookmark posts: To save posts to read later, you can bookmark it by going to “Options” and clicking “Bookmark”.


We hope this quick guide was helpful!

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