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Community Manager
Community Manager

What are badges & ranks in the community? How do I earn them?

You make the Udemy Instructor Community so unique and vibrant. We want to recognize your contributions to this community, so we’ve created badges to celebrate achievements and ranks to identify individual activity in the community.


Badges are awarded to instructors for regularly contributing ideas, feedback, and experiences with the community and supporting your fellow instructors. Right now, you can earn basic badges — such as the number of times you start a topic and “Like” a post — but we plan on rolling out more unique achievement badges soon!


Badges are located on instructor profile pages. There is no limit to the number of badges that you can hold at the same time…  we challenge you to earn them all!


Ranks are used to indicate experience and credibility within the community. To move up in the ranks, continue contributing to the community by asking questions, participating in discussions, and more. Instructors can only hold one rank at a time.


We can’t wait to see what badges you collect and look forward to watching you rise through the ranks of the community!

Who Me Too'd this topic