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Has Udemy been stealing anyone else's revenue?

Three times in the last six weeks I've checked my revenue report in the morning and seen that a new student has bought both my courses Part 1 and Part 2 as My Promotion and I received 97% of the income. In the same evening I look at the report and it will show that one of these sales has changed to Udemy Organic and has been reduced to 50%. I've sent a few emails to Udemy and got no real response but asking if I've screenshotted the evidence. There shouldn't be any need to be screenshotting but yesterday I requested a sales report CSV export in the morning and evening and the exact same thing happened. Two sales in the morning were my promotion and by the evening one had changed. Finally have the evidence but wonder how many times this has gone unoticed over the last two years. Anyone experienced this?

Who Me Too'd this topic