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Looking for feedback on 2nd rough draft video

Feedback on my first video was enormously helpful. Thank you all! So I'm back for more, this time with a "lesson" lecture in which I'm teaching a skill. It's unedited because I'm not yet up to speed and will probably need new hardware to run Camtasia. 


Below is a 720p version. Here's a YouTube link to a 1080p version: 



I'm looking for what works in terms of delivery, teaching style, and content. What's interesting and what's not? What's clear and what's muddy? What works, on some level, and what needs improvement or should be deleted?


NOTE: This is just the "talking head" part. Where there are pauses there will be insertions of text, images, or audio (for instance, a gong sound where there is now a silence). And I'll be wearing different clothes, have makeup, damp down the wild hair, etc.


Thanks so much. Once I get one or two "theory" and "practice" videos critiqued, I'll work on editing more final drafts. I want to get content issues identified first.


- David

Who Me Too'd this topic