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*** June / July Sales Drop ***

I have seen a solid drop in sales last month, and seems to be continuing this month. About 20-30% less than last year at the same time, and out of trend for a couple months ago. Basically, looks like marketing was turned down or off for a bit. 


Are any other instructors noting this same observation? I have the #1 course in my category, so the course is very strong, performs very well, so, my metrics and tracking are pretty predictable, but curious if udemy has tried something new? Or less of something? Or made a change? 


Bottom line, it's NOT working 🙂


Whatever they were doing before, do THAT, whatever they are doing now, seems to not be working as well.


Anyway, curious about other top instructors that have pretty predictable sales noting a drop last month...?






Who Me Too'd this topic