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Demotivated Due to Low Performance After Spending 3 Years on Udemy

Hi Everyone!

I'm working on Udemy for the past 3 years and have published 22 courses. When I started working on Udemy, I wasn't familiar with the course creation industry. I've updated my courses many times to give the values and best teaching-learning experience. Technically, I spend most of my time comparing every course with the competitors, deleting many videos and making new ones with better quality, working deeply on the landing page, 


I'm still thankful to all instructors who guided me that how to create the courses by the old Udemy Facebook group? 


I'm a Math and Science instructor on Udemy. Apart from Math and Science, I have learned about Adobe premiere pro, after effects, illustrator, and some other mathematics writing software. Moreover, I've purchased some recording devices which are necessary for courses creation.


I'm not worried about my wasting of time. And now I have a lot of time to make new courses but my revenue is decreasing day by day. Up to 21 September 2021, my 22 courses have made only $97.  The courses are (3-30) hours in length. I would love to invite you all to visit my profile and give their feedback. Thank you for reading this post.




Who Me Too'd this topic