AI on Udemy: machine learning for human learning

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AI on Udemy: machine learning for human learning

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all,


Over the last few weeks and months, we've seen a lot of discussion among instructors about how artificial intelligence might affect the way people teach and learn on Udemy. From questions about what's allowed, to speculation about how AI might affect what learners need, to ideas for AI-driven platform improvements, you've brought your curiosity to the table—and we've been taking notes. 


Today, Udemy released a general statement outlining the way we're thinking about AI and detailing some of the specific investments we've been making. While we encourage you to read it, here are the most critical points for you as instructors:


  • Human expertise is still the core of the Udemy platform. We see AI as a way to help you teach efficiently and impactfully – not as a substitute for your industry expertise, your unique ways of teaching, and your empathy for your learners. We've already rolled out a tool that leverages third-party AI to reduce some of the manual effort to create coding exercises. We're looking at other ways AI might help you teach more effectively, and we'll keep you informed as these plans develop.

  • AI can help learners find content and build skills faster. There is an astounding amount of great content on Udemy, and learners may not always know how to find what they need quickly. AI will enable us to get much more powerful and personalized with the way learners discover content. For example, we're excited to work on semantic search capabilities, which can connect questions asked or goals stated in plain language to specific lectures or even moments within them.


  • AI will evolve, and so will we. At Udemy, we have a history of making ourselves comfortable in uncharted territory (for example, creating a platform where anyone can share their expertise with learners around the world!). As artificial intelligence continues to advance, we'll continue to adjust our strategy according to the needs of the learners, instructors, and organizations that rely on our platform.


We know many of you are specifically curious about how Udemy policy will address content created with the assistance of generative AI. As we assess this ever-evolving AI landscape, we'll continue to adjust our policies to support a fair marketplace full of valuable content for learners. For now, we believe our existing policies and systems set a firm foundation for what's allowed and encouraged:

  • Our current policies require that the content you publish on Udemy meet certain minimum, objective standards of quality, and that you have the legal right to distribute the content you upload through Udemy. We don't have plans to change these basic tenets. 
  • On the other side of the Quality Review Process, our search and recommendation systems boost content that learners find particularly engaging, while penalizing content that learners flag as unreliable or low-quality. The learner experience will continue to be our north star as we shape our policies and processes around content created with help from artificial intelligence. 


We know that this is just the beginning of the road with AI on Udemy, and the beginning of our conversation with instructors about it. Together, we have a lot to learn, a lot to teach, and a lot to build. We're looking forward to the road ahead, and we hope you are too.


Teach on,


Ryan J.

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