*AMA Invite* Let’s chat about AV w/ Frank Kane and Trevoir Williams

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*AMA Invite* Let’s chat about AV w/ Frank Kane and Trevoir Williams

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructors 👋



We are excited to invite all Udemy Instructors to an exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) session featuring two of our community champion @FrankKane  and @TrevoirWill. This event will be held on April 30th at 11:00 AM PT, offering some insight into some of the community’s best practices with AV and Course Quality!

Frank’s Background:
Frank is a veteran instructor based in central Florida. On Udemy he's taught over 500,000 students around the world valuable skills in machine learning and data analytics. Prior to Udemy Frank was a senior manager at Amazon.com in Seattle, where he helped develop some of Amazon's early product recommendation systems and later led the technology team for IMDb.com.


Trevoir’s Background

Trevoir Williams is a passionate software and system engineer with a strong drive to share the best of his knowledge with students around the globe. 


Trevoir enjoys teaching IT and development skills and guides students in gaining the latest knowledge with practical application in the modern industry.


Join us as we sit down with Frank and Trevoir for an insightful discussion about AV and course discussion. This session will allow you to submit questions to both Frank and Trevoir about audio-visual solutions and improving the overall quality of your setup! 


We encourage you to be an integral part of this conversation. Please feel free to submit your questions about AV and course quality in advance in the comments section below. Priority will be given to these pre-submitted inquiries, ensuring your concerns are addressed at the forefront of our discussion.


Don't miss this chance to gain insight into improving the quality of your recording setup. We eagerly await your participation and are excited to hear your questions.


We look forward to connecting with you virtually on April 30th at 11:00 am PT! Until then, please let us know if you have any follow-up questions!


Sign up for the webinar here!


We recognize that in trying to accommodate the time zones this time might not be the ideal time frame for some of you, however, a replay of the AMA will be available in the community later in the week.


*Please note that this event is being held in English.* 


Mentor Mentor

@RyanJaress the link for the registration is missing.

The signup link sends me to a zoom call.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MichaelPog Thank you for pointing this out! We have adjusted and you should be able to register now. 

no link


Hi Frank, Hi Will,


I am from India. I have more than 10 courses on Udemy in English Language.

However, I am not making more than $20/Mo from all the courses combined. Also, the $20 is coming from basically 2 courses only with high ratings.

I invested in IG/FB ads to push the course links, but not much benefit seen.


Pls guide me as I have no idea on how to proceed.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @MakongueTob395


You can sign up for the webinar here 😊https://udemy.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OQ15UljvRGGa3B0n3OSAcQ#/registration


See you there! 

the link is at the  bottom "Sign up for the webinar here!"


I have around 10K students and 4.5ish rating across 5 courses.

Two questions that can help build my product strategy: 

Question 1: 

1- 80% of the money is from 20% of the courses, thats the case with me. Will that be the case for most instructors? If yes I will focus on creating long duration masterclasses

2- Business revenue is growing, although only 25%. My research says, Udemy is also trying to generate more from business clients. Should I change my focus to business revenue? that means short, crash courses that have high engagement? 

If you can elaborate on the above product startegies based on your experience that would be great for us to decide what we should be doing? 


Question 2 : In what circumstances would you suggest opting out of Udemy promotions? I think i can sell one of my courses at a much higher price point due to lack of competition. 


Trailblazer Trailblazer

Thanks so much for doing this! I'll register now 🙂



Question 1 - How effective are AI video/voice-over courses VS those of a visual instructor? Do people really care about watching the instructor or the difference if it's narrated by AI? Considering the AI audio is easier to understand?

Question 2 - What are the best ways to market your courses outside of Udemy?
Question 3 - Do you suggest doing a live Q&A once a week pertaining to your course or giving your students a method of reaching you for any questions? If so, which ways are best?
Question 4 - Would you focus on building one really solid informative course or split it into several small ones from the same content?


Great Questions Max_Cufari!



1) How to promote your course outside of Udemy?

2) What should be the ideal price point of a course? I am about to launch a course on 'Automation using selenium tool' so what should be the approx price range at which I keep this course.

3) Is it advisable to opt in for udemy promotions?


Please try to cater to these questions in the call today. 


Tell us how we can get more student.