Angela Yu's Journey: Connecting Learners, Building Apps, Transforming Lives

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Angela Yu's Journey: Connecting Learners, Building Apps, Transforming Lives

Community Manager
Community Manager


Hey there instructors,


We are super proud that Udemy plays a part in so many of your lives and anytime we get to share one of our instructors our learner's stories we are always super excited.  With that in mind, we are pleased to showcase the inspiring story of Udemy instructor Angela Yu, and the impact she has had on one of her learners, Alvin Lim.


Angela Yu, the dynamic former surgeon turned Udemy instructor, has inspired learners globally with her witty teaching style and created a community that fosters connections beyond the virtual classroom.


During her travels, Angela meets with learners, creating a space for collaboration and inspiration. One such meeting led to a powerful collaboration with Alvin Lim, a learner who co-created the app Dimensional after taking Angela's iOS development bootcamp. This app, centered around personality science, topped Singapore's Apple App Store in 2022.


Angela and Alvin's shared journey from diverse backgrounds to iOS development showcases the transformative power of education and the incredible connections that can arise. As we navigate our learning paths, let's draw inspiration from Angela's story—a reminder that the exchange between instructors and learners can lead to lives transformed and futures reshaped.


We’re thrilled that our dedicated instructors are working to change the course of people’s lives through learning! 


Teach on,