*Coffee Chat Recap* Learn teaching best practices from other instructors!

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*Coffee Chat Recap* Learn teaching best practices from other instructors!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructors! 


Last month we had the opportunity to host our monthly networking session and we wanted to share what we went through. There was a lot of great information within the networking event covering the topic of teaching best practices! Take a look at the questions below and the responses that your fellow instructors gave!


Question 1:

How do you keep your learners engaged with your courses?


  • Utilize animation and live monitors in his nursing course on heart blocks to make it more engaging.
  • Be sure to keep students engaged through assignments and tasks. This will help encourage them to think about the module's content and look forward to the next one.
  • Include an interview with a student in her course to provide a unique perspective and engagement for her students.
  • Use announcements and relevant real-life examples to keep her students engaged, especially when important events or changes occur in her subject area.
  • incorporate practical examples, video graphics, and assignments in her courses, with over 1,300 students benefiting from her engaging approach.
  • Update your courses based on the dynamic nature of the software tools he teaches, making changes when students encounter issues with new versions.
  • Revamp your older courses to keep up with current trends.


Question 2

How often do you update your courses to stay relevant?

There were a lot of different perspectives on approaching this question, check out how other instructors answered!


  • Update your courses when there are significant changes in the software tools he teaches, and he relies on student feedback to identify issues and make updates.
  • Update your course based on competition in the market, emphasizing the need to adapt quickly to maintain relevance.
  • Regularly update courses to reflect new findings and changes in diagnoses, responding to student feedback promptly.
  • Update your courses annually with one video per year to keep the content relevant. 


Question 3

How do you help your students succeed in your courses?

Here are the bulleted responses summarizing how instructors help their students succeed in their courses:


- Ensure clarity by previewing his course content with a panel group to address any potential questions or confusion before recording. Also use hooks at the end of sections to keep students engaged.

-Emphasize thorough research on the subject, understanding student expectations, and creating a curriculum that aligns with those expectations. Focus on practical application of concepts.

- Use multiple languages and provide numerous examples within your videos to make learning clear and engaging for her students.

- Listen to student feedback and update his courses accordingly, incorporating real-life examples and simplifying complex topics.

- Advise instructors to be generous with their course content, go the extra mile to provide value, and avoid unnecessary lengthening of courses.


Looking to join our next networking event? You’re in luck, you can sign up for our next coffee chat about Black Friday on Friday, October 13, 2023! 


Here’s the link to the invite.