Coffee Chat Recap - See what we discussed about Black Friday!

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Coffee Chat Recap - See what we discussed about Black Friday!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there instructors! 


This month, we had the opportunity to host our monthly networking session and we wanted to share what we went through. There was a lot of great information within the networking event covering Black Friday! Look at some general information given by fellow instructors for succeeding on Black Friday! 

General Tips for Success on Black Friday:


- Leverage social media platforms, such as Instagram stories and Facebook, to promote your course.

- Share teaser lessons or valuable content to entice potential students.

- Utilize platforms like Pinterest for cost-effective advertising and organic content promotion.

- Consider participating in webinars or guest appearances on platforms that align with your course content.


Tips for Targeted Marketing:


- Identify your target audience and tailor your marketing efforts towards them.

- Join relevant communities, such as Facebook groups, to promote your courses.

- Build an email list and use email marketing to inform your audience about course updates and promotions.


Collaboration and Networking:


- Collaborate with marketing agencies or friends who can assist with your promotional efforts.

- Network with other creators and instructors to cross-promote each other's courses.


Additional Insights:


- Send email updates to your existing students about new courses or Black Friday discounts.

- Research top-selling courses and trending topics to identify potential niches for your courses.

- Create a structured course outline and gather necessary resources, including copyright-free images.


Thank you to everyone who attended our coffee chat live! Keep a lookout in the community for the announcement of our next live event!

Samreen Nisa Qureshi
Storyteller Storyteller

Hey @RyanJaress 

Thanks for sharing. It's informative tips for all instructors.


I need a target date to get any task completed

- so I have printed a one page Black Friday COUNTDOWN CALENDAR

that finishes on 24th November

It stays on my desk staring at me all day

and is a daily tally and reminder of what I need to do.

Trailblazer Trailblazer

This is awesome, you guys should allow us to somehow run ads using the platform, not sure if that's even possible, but beyond just waiting for SEO this might help

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

When does the Black Friday sale start?

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

@PeteMiller I don't want to alarm you, but the Udemy Black Friday sale usually starts 10 days or 14 days before the actual Black Friday. Usually.


So being ready BY Black Friday will be too late.



Yes Scott - you are correct.

Thanks for the reminder. 

I have reset my Black Friday target dates 

AKA alarms !!