Feature update alert: Mobile Q&A improvements

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Feature update alert: Mobile Q&A improvements

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, everyone,

Over the past few months, we’ve done some research to understand how we can improve the Udemy mobile app for you. Many of you shared your challenges with viewing and responding to learner Q&A on the app. Based on your feedback, we've updated the instructor mobile Q&A experience to be more intuitive across iOS and Android.

Now on the instructor app, you’ll be able to:
- Mark, view, and remove featured questions
- Add filters to sort by newest, oldest, and most upvoted questions
- View lecture and section information for each question for more context

We hope these updates help you interact with and support learners more easily across devices than ever before! To check out the changes, sign in to your account on the Udemy mobile app, tap Switch to Instructor View under the Account tab, and then tap Q&A under the Inbox tab.

Specialist Specialist

Wow! Kudos, guys! Better!

It must not be all about

browsers anymore.

Thank you.

Trailblazer Trailblazer


The lecture and section details (Q&A) still don't appear in the Mobile app (at least for me).