Get to know the Udemy Instructor Social Kit

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Get to know the Udemy Instructor Social Kit

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Community Manager


Hi Instructors! 


If social media is a part of your marketing strategy, this post is for you. Recently we introduced the Instructor Social Kit — a collection of graphics and guidelines to help you celebrate your Udemy accomplishments on your social and professional networks.


Today, we’d like to take you on a quick tour to help you make the most of the kit. Check out the kit for yourself, or read on to get a sense of what’s included.



The Instructor Social Kit houses an array of Udemy branded graphics optimized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We’ll share a quick sample below.

The “I teach with Udemy” profile frame & ribbon





Find the “I Teach with Udemy” profile frame and ribbon on our Primary Graphics page.


The profile frame is a good option for your LinkedIn or Facebook profile image. And the text ribbon is a great touch to add to a photo post or profile cover image. We love to see the “I teach with Udemy” ribbon on photos of instructors like you, with our #ITeachWithUdemy hashtag.

Milestones and Moments



Visit the Milestone Graphics page.


We’ve seen instructors achieve a variety of milestones worth celebrating (and sharing). So the Instructor Social Kit has tons of graphics to help you mark these moments. Whether you’ve taught 100 minutes or 1 million, there’s something in our Milestone Graphics page for you. 


Alerts for New Courses, Course Updates, and Sales





Find course updates and new course alerts on our Milestone Graphics page, and find sale alerts on our More Graphics page.


It’s always a good idea to alert your networks when you’ve made an update to your course, published a new course — or when an existing course goes on sale! The Instructor Social Kit has graphics that are great for those moments on our Milestones Graphics page and in our More Graphics page.


There are many more graphics included in the kit, so check it out.


Tips & Best Practices

Along with graphic resources, the Instructor Social Kit details the rules for using the graphics and offers tips for use on social media. 


You’ll find:


This information is shared throughout the kit, so be sure to look through the entire thing. Stay tuned for new graphics and updates. We’ll be sharing a new milestone graphic to reflect on year-end accomplishments in December. 


That’s it for our quick tour! We hope you find the Instructor Social Kit to be useful in your marketing efforts. As always, we welcome your feedback as we continue to work on improving this resource. 


If you’d like to give the graphics a spin on your social channels, feel free to share a link to your posts in the comments so others can see and engage. Liking, following, or commenting on other Instructors’ posts will boost their engagement and yours in return if everyone reciprocates, so go on and give it a try. 


One more tip: remember to tag and follow our profiles (@udemy) to help us see your posts!


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