It’s May and this month’s theme is Marketing!

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It’s May and this month’s theme is Marketing!

Community Manager
Community Manager




Hey there instructors!


It’s officially may and this month’s theme is Marketing. This subject is the most discussed topic on the community so I’m excited hear about the upcoming discussions! 


In May, we will post engaging content on marketing your courses! Since you are all in different phases of your instructor journeys, we should have many different perspectives on marketing strategies!


With that in mind, we’d love to start this month off with a question.


What was the first channel you started marketing your courses?


Share your answers in the comments below 👇


I started with my own course website and laternon shifted to Udemy to reach more audiance. 

Storyteller Storyteller

The channel we are using to start marketing our Udemy courses is YouTube. We found it to be an incredibly effective platform due to its vast reach and the ability to engage users through video content. By creating informative and appealing videos, we were able to showcase the practical aspects and benefits of our courses, which helped attract a wide audience interested in enhancing their skills and we can share our course URL in the description.


i started udemy courses by promote courses in tiktok ads