Join us for an AMA with Udemy's Global Social Media Manager, Molly Hampton

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Join us for an AMA with Udemy's Global Social Media Manager, Molly Hampton

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Instructor Community!


We are excited to bring you another live community event this month! On July 27th at 8:00am PST we’ll be sitting down with our Global Social Media Manager at Udemy, Molly Hampton, in an AMA (Ask me Anything) style interview.


During the AMA, Molly will take your questions about all things social media! This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have regarding how to use social media or best practices. 


Feel free to kick things off by adding your questions in the comments below! We’ll start with those questions first.


Please use this link to register. Space is limited to the first 500 participants.



We recognize that in trying to accommodate the time zones this time might not be the ideal time frame for some of you, however, a replay of the AMA  will be available in the community later in the week.


*Please note that this event is being held in English.* 


We look forward to connecting with you virtually on July 27th @8:00am PST! Until then, please let us know if you have any follow-up questions.


Can I use Google Ads to get gain more students?


I believe if Udemy creates a marketing system for trainers at low costs, that would be great In audience expansion of both the platform and the coach together

Storyteller Storyteller

Nothing will give me joy than to partnership with Udemy on social media. How possible is for me to partnership with Udemy of Facebook?


How do people so easily get Viral videos? What techniques, resources, tips to make shorts, reels or viral videos?


-Are Youtube and Meta going to die out soon for popularity? Which SM channels are still most popular or upcoming for larger audiences?

-Many channels have fake, paid comments, likes, shares. How easy is it to get that? How common is it do that? How to tell the difference? 


_ What is the best way to increase my audience and channel views quickly without laborious time and efforts? With or without use of money?


- How wise is it to invest to pay for SEOs and other ways to optimize audience and inflow to one's Youtube channels and insta business accounts? any other suggestions welcome. 

Thank You much for these. #LifeCoachRimaDesai

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Looking forward to it! Hot topic 🙂

My questions:

1. What's the benefit of creating a series of reels regarding a specific topic and how should the episodes be split (in terms of the time of publishing)

2. What's the best way to convert a person watching a reel to a buyer (or at least get them to click on a link)?

3. Or is it better to offer something for free as a download and do email marketing after the person registered for the download?

See you next week,



Dear Madam

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Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Thanks for the inspiring session Molly ( @Bella : I tried to tag Molly to the conversation but couldn't find her name in the list).


As promised, I had blocked some time in my calendar, and I actually managed to write 10 short 'scripts' for Insta Reels for a new course within 30 minutes today.


All are VERY short, as I learned from you, between 50 and 60 words = probably 30 - 40 seconds per clip.

I just experienced that it's actually not that difficult to script a bunch of short Reel scripts.

I'll keep you posted (and tagged when publishing) about the outcome.