June is finished! See what we discussed about Learning Design.

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June is finished! See what we discussed about Learning Design.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Instructor Community! The month of June has ended and we wanted to showcase the highlights of what we covered!


Community Member Shoutouts!

Every so often, there are community members who reach certain milestones and we wanted to shout out a few members!


We wanted to shout out a few members who have reached the “50 Replies Given” in the community!


Congratulations to:




Feel free to congratulate them in the comments as well!🎉🏆👏

Udemy in the News!

Here are some notable press mentions & announcements that you might’ve missed


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Publication - Harvard Business Review


5 Deep Learning Courses That Will Help Students Jumpstart a New Career

Publication - Urban Woman Magazine


Data Skills Top of Mind for Businesses

Publication - UNLEASH


Udemy Instructor Community

June’s theme was Learning Designs,  and we had a few discussions to cover best practices for instructors!


This post will cover the events and discussions that we believe you will enjoy engaging in related to learning design.



This month, we had a lot of engaging conversations that can help you strengthen your understanding of your recording setup while teaching online! Check out these subjects discussed in June:


How do you prepare the content you are teaching? - Discuss your approach for designing your content for your learners.

How do you design quizzes for your courses? - See how instructors are approaching their design for quizzes in their online courses.




Learning Design Coffee Chat:

On June 16, we invited you all to discuss Learning Design as instructors! 

This coffee chat was so engaged that we only had time to ask the group one question until we ran out of time! 

For those who did not attend, check out the question discussed below!


Question 1: How do you approach designing your online courses?


  1. Market research and understanding the target audience: They utilize tools like market insights and competitor analysis to identify popular topics, assess demand, and determine the demographics and psychographics of their target audience. They gather feedback from students and potential learners to shape their course content.


  1. Focus on outcomes and purpose: They define the purpose of their course and the desired outcomes they want their students to achieve. This helps guide the course development process and ensures that the content is aligned with the intended goals.


  1. Structuring and organization: They emphasize the importance of structuring their course content effectively. This involves creating an outline or mind map to plan the flow of topics and concepts. They may start with the core content and leave the introduction and conclusion for later stages to ensure they accurately reflect the course's overall structure. Scripting is also utilized to provide a clear and structured delivery of the course material.



Have some answers to this question? Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇.


Looking to catch the next coffee chat? We have one scheduled to discuss Learning Design on July 14th at 10:00 am PT! You can sign up here.


Learning Design Webinar Ft Udemy Staff!

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us on June 28th to discuss the topic of learning design as an online instructor!

We had the pleasure to have guest speakers Melissa Belardi, Meghan O’Donnell & Vicki Lang to discuss various topics to help you better design your learning experience!

Didn’t make the last webinar? No worries! We have the full replay and recap here.


Thanks to everyone participating in the community in the month of June! We’re really excited about our newest theme for the month of July, Social Media.


If you’re interested in July’s monthly topic, keep an eye out for content and events revolving around social media discussion!

Storyteller Storyteller

Thank you!

Storyteller Storyteller

Muito obrigado, é sempre um prazer participar desta comunidade 🙂


Is there any recordings available for month?

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