What is the single best thing you've done for your business?

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What is the single best thing you've done for your business?

Community Manager
Community Manager

We are kicking off this week with a new feature in the community, it’s called Hot Topics.


Each week we’ll post a Hot Topic or discussion for you to share your thoughts and experiences! Our hope is that you all learn something new each week.


This week’s hot topic is: What is the single most important thing you’ve done for your business?


Leave a comment below!

Storyteller Storyteller

The #1 thing I recommend is to specialize all of the parts of your business. I have done that and seen sales and reviews rise. 


Let's take a look at a few examples


Film Industry








Video Game industry


Tech Lead






Here's what I've done with my company


eLearning Industry

Director (me)

Master Instructor


Video editors




I would recommend people think more like indie game studios rather than single instructors.


Hiring people to make the content and specializing in this manner is not only more fun, but the quality of courses and student experience is much better. 


After running around doing everything myself for years, once I started hiring people, it's been so much better. 

An example of this is one of our top selling products has a name one of my employees came up with. 


I would like udemy to make business more scaleable here such as adding instructor level subscriptions. 

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Bella , a few years ago I purchased, read and continue to follow the instructions in a book called “How To Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck” by Steve Stockman. 
Doesn’t matter how long it takes you...... BIN IT if it is **bleep**.... don’t try to fix it..... 

No student is going to thank you for your crappy video and lousy audio....


Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

The single best thing I did for *me* was hiring people to help with social media, marketing, and Q&A. Honestly the business would probably be better if I saved the money and did it myself, but I'd be working 24/7.


The single best thing I did for my business was saying "yes" when the opportunity to create a course on Udemy first presented itself; it turned out I was in the right place at the right time. You just have to keep trying lots of new, diverse ideas in business. Some will flourish; many will not. But if you keep working at trying new things (in an informed manner) eventually you'll get lucky.

Traveler Traveler

The single best thing I've done for my business is "to focus on only ONE thing and go all in on it".


The reason I'm saying this was because I was juggling many things at once and I wasn't getting anywhere. I've since stopped working on my other business ventures which weren't getting anywhere, doubled down on my niche, and I'm presently building authority on 'ONE' business. 


The reason I tried many things at once was because there was huge potential in each one of them. But I was spreading myself too thing trying them all together.


There's only so much you can do as a one-man army and life is too short to be spent hustling on things that's going to suck away all your time.


So my mantra these days "keep it simple, focus on one thing (that works), and live a happy life"

Storyteller Storyteller

I updated some of my courses by redoing the Promo Videos and adding new contents to them.

I got some new enrolements after doing so.

I also worked on some new courses.

Mentor Mentor

The single best thing would be the decision to be on Udemy when I did post my courses. 
When I started in 2018 , I had very low expectations considering that my topic had low traffic . But I was consistent in creating useful content and working towards a vision. After 18 courses, I am closer to that vision and established myself as a "go to" person for learning in the space . 

Apart from that,  Udemy gave such a massive visibility in various circles across the world.  I often get offers from institutions to partner with them or even license my courses to them . All of this wouldnt have been possible if I dint post my courses on Udemy. 

The social proof on Udemy is a really big deal . I am very thankful to Udemy for the opportunity . 

Storyteller Storyteller

Great Ideas!!


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