Do You Have Any Questions You're Afraid to Ask?

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Do You Have Any Questions You're Afraid to Ask?

Sometimes it's a bit intimidating to start a whole new Post just to ask a question. 


So go ahead and ask your question as a comment in this thread, and I'll do my best to answer. No stress, no worries. No dumb questions. Ask away.


Who am I? I'm a fellow instructor, and I've been on Udemy for about 7 years. Udemy's my full-time income these days and they've been very good to me over the years. I've seen a lot. And I'm here to help. So how can I help you? What do you need to succeed? LMK below.


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Perfect!  Thanks!

Are we allowed to provide the pptx slides of our entire course for a student? A student asked if he could get the ppt slides. If it is allowed, I'm going to put a watermark before handling them tp this student

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I do, sometimes.


What I provide is a PDF. And the PDF contains many links back to my course on Udemy in case some random person finds the PDF and is curious where to get the videos from...

Good Job

Hello @ScottDuffy,

I would really like to hear what do you think about my dilemma.

I did ask it a few weeks ago in this other post and got 1 answer from Thor, but would really like to hear what you think.


I have a course 8 hours long and is from 2018, didn't refresh the content and the videos were outdated.

Because of that, I got bad reviews and the rating of the course went down to 3.4.

Then I unpublished the course last year.

Now I have started to record new videos that reflect the new version of the software that the course is all about and would like to publish it.

Now my concern is should I publish it as a new course or update the existing one.

In the existing one, there are 5306 students enrolled, with 97 reviews but 90% were free from the days when I was thinking that if I had lots of students it would look better.

Would you go with creating a new course or would you update the existing one with all the new videos and materials?






And of course, I would be very grateful for your comments and advice on the course itself (I'm talking about my course on New Data Entry Forms. Don't want to break the rules by putting the link here)

Salil Dhawan
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New course makes more sense, send it as promotional announcement to existing course's students that this is latest updated course with these benefits etc. As long as they are interested students of that field they will be interested. Given all factors make sense to create new as now existing course is ranking low in Udemy algorithm and it will take you a lot to being those reviews back up. Make a fresh start.

Hi Scott, thanks a lot for starting this thread. I really much appreciate all your efforts.


My question is related to one of your older courses.

Udemy SEO: Winning the Udemy Search Engine – Unofficial


Why did you take it offline and is there a possibility to still enroll in the course? 🙂


Apart from that course, my question behind is:

How can I optimize my course to get more reviews and to be shown on the udemy start page? I guess this would be good to make more sales. If I search for Excel in German I already rank on place 4. So I’m very happy with that. Of course higher would be even better, but I thought tp appear on the Udemy Start page might be even more interesting…


To the background of my course:

I have a new Excel course in German, which is online since 2 months. It's performing very good and I'm getting good reviews. But unfortunately not many.


After family and friends and free coupons I have 200 paid enrollments in this course. From these enrollmetns I got a review rate of 8% so far.


I know it’s just 2 months after the course launch, but I can see that this course behaves different than another course of me. I first thought maybe it's the topic, but when I have a look at the top performer in my category. He has a conversion rate of nearly 20 %.


My assumption is, that the watchtime of my course is too low. leading to a low review rate. A lot of my students buy the course and then just watch 5 or 10 % or nothing at all. And I guess that to be shown on the Udemy start page you need to have a lot of watchtime and reviews. Or does the Udemy algorithm work different?


If my assumption is right I would try to optimize for watchtime. (for the watchtime itself and in order to get more reviews) Which I would translate to make the course more interesting and more engaging and maybe get rid of boring parts.



What do you think and how would you optimize? Or am I too impatient or on the wrong track?


Thanks a lot in advance. I really much appreciate your work.


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