Tools for course creation that I prefer for the first timers

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Tools for course creation that I prefer for the first timers


It's my personal opinion that I draw from my personal experience since mid 2015, they worked for me and I hope these are going to be best but least cost toolkit for you to start with course creation process.


  1. Screen Recorder: Camtasia Studio (Subscription required) or OBS (Free). Both available for Mac and Windows. If you do not want to be a guru in editing videos and just want simple interface go for Camtasia Studio.
  2. Mic: ATR 2100, best Dynamic mic for the beginners. Start with this. You can get good quality condenser mic once you launch your first course and start habituated with the course creation life cycle. 
  3. Video recording: Logitech HD webcam. Cheap and best, if you are doing a course on management skill or marketing where talking head is really important go for a good Digital SLR like Canon 800d with a 50 mm prime lense. Otherwise, if you feel talking head is going to cover only for few minutes, go for Logitech HD Webcam.
  4. Noise removal software for audio: If you are using Camtasia, its having a simple but powerful drag and drop audio noise removal tool, works great. Apart from that, you can use Audacity (good tutorials available on YouTube on how to use Audacity and remove noise). Best tip is, go to a calm and quiet place and record, or record at mid night, no requirement for any noise removal in this case. 
  5. Digital pen tablet: Wacom CTL-472  It's a great tool for on screen annotation, use this when you explain things to your students, will be much engaging. 

It is just important to publish the first course and keep it going, once you are in the process, you will learn how to improve gradually.

My best wishes,



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This is really great, thanks for sharing @Shibaji!

Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

I have a wacom CTL-480 and is laggy and it's impossible to continue where I was wrinting 2-3 secs ago... Has your model the same issues?


I'm looking for a proper table to write annotatons on the slides while teaching

Community Champion Community Champion
Community Champion

@ShibajiGreat tips! I use my iphone for filming, camtasia, audacity and an irig mic. I like to keep things as simple as possible 🙂 

Hi @Shibaji thank you for writing this. I am just starting out and in negotiation to buy Canon EOS 800D, need your opinion if it is good to go or I should look for some other option. My course offering would be revolving around marketing and self-learning topics.


regards, Ehtisham

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