First-time course creation

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Webinar Recordings 🎥 This thread is pinned

Hello instructors, We wanted to take a moment to share with you all the webinar recordings that we have had so far. Whether you're in the pre-production stage of your course or looking to optimize View more

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Course Creation Resources This thread is pinned

Udemy is not just a wealth of information for learners, we also have various resources to help instructors succeed! To get you started, we’d love to share with you some helpful resources to help you View more

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How to define your target audience? This thread is pinned

Before you start creating your course content, it is important to dedicate some time to think about who your intended learners are. A few simple questions can help you do this: Who are they? Where View more

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Feedback Thread: Give & Get Feedback on your course here! This thread is pinned

Whether this is your first or fifth course, it’s always helpful to hear from other instructors how you can improve your course content to be even better. Before you share your course content, check View more

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How to choose a course topic? This thread is pinned

An important part of creating your first course on Udemy is deciding what you want to teach. Our community is full of instructors who are experts in a variety of topics that go from computer science View more

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Best Instructor Posts of All Time — Course Creation Best answer

We want to help you make more and better courses, so we’ve compiled a list of the best discussions about course creation for folks to read. We hope these conversations and tips help answer the most View more

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A list of useful sources for instructors Best answer

Hi guys, I thought it could be interesting to have one post with a list of all the usefull sources for instructors, like music, graphics and software.... I started with what I usually use and with View more

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How to do keyword research Best answer

Hello everyone. I am new at Udemy and about to publish my 1st course, but I want to ask from all of you that how to do keyword research, so that I may choose the best and demandable title for my View more

Tips on delivering the course

I am trying to create a course in Udemy. I have my presentation/ materials and the script ready fir it. But I am finding it extremely difficult to give a free flowing speech of the same (my initial View more

Test Video Feedback Best answer

Hello folks, I sent out my test video for feedback on 4/25 and it is still "in queue"? is it taking all that long now? is it ok just to submit and publish the course without getting the feedback? View more

Don't you feel bad??

Hello Everyone,I'm just preparing my first course..Don't you feel bad when you are preparing a very valuable course worth hundreds of dollars and you know the course will be sold for 10dollars??? View more

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verification and compite course Best answer


Hello, please tell me how the category mentioned in the photo should be marked as completed? I sent the verification video yesterday and how long will it take me to get the answer back? thank View more

Manual Verification Best answer

I am trying to verify my ID manually but apparently there has been no progress even after more than 2 days I mailed the required details to Moreover I have been shown a View more

First course publication

Good day all, I have already submitted Verification Video for more then a week, gotta email Congratulations and welcome to Udemy! Your account has been successfully verified. But still when try to View more

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student numbers don't tally Best answer

Hi I'm new to Udemy and published my first course at the beginning of 2020. I just received an email saying i had 6 students yet i have only earned $3.41. My course is listed at $59 and i am aware View more

Test video Best answer

Hello Udemy team, I am still waiting for my "Test Video Review" since I posted it on 2nd May 2020. You guys said it will take 2 to 3 days but its more than 10 days still I dont hear any feedback from View more

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Verification video Best answer

I know Udemy is experiencing surge in verification! Just sent my verification video. However, it says the account will be deleted on "25 April" i.e. 7 days from now. Just wanted to know the View more

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Small Mistakes in my video lessons

Hello! I am a pretty new to Udemy. I made my video lessons and edited them on my own. I have published my course and I have got few student admissions to my course. However, upon watching my videos View more

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Need to Replace lesson in Curriculum Best answer

1st Day building, I have a pdf that is in the uploaded currriculum, and I need to replace the existing file with a newer one, can't seem to find where my uploaded files are View more

Course submission issue Best answer

Hi all, I am a physiotherapist. I want to submit my course on Treatment for back pain & sciatica. Please guide me about how can i submit my course? View more


I have contacted the author of the book that I am basing my course on. He has stated that he has no problem with my udemy course as long as it is free. With the new free course guidlines this is not View more

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First-time course creation
Decided to take the plunge and create your own Udemy course? Check out some incredible Udemy success stories, and get inspired by your fellow instructors!