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Studio U

Studio U is a space for aspiring Udemy instructors to encourage one another and learn from published instructors.

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Published Instructor Club

Published Instructor Club is an exclusive space for published Udemy instructors to discuss topics, such as marketing and course management.

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Understanding AI

If you're interested in understanding AI writing, Udemy offers several courses that can help you master this field:   1. **"ChatGPT for Business: Writing with a Generative AI Companion"**:    - This course by Phil Ebiner covers how to use AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard for business writing. I... View more

Add Website URL

Hi folks,   I'm trying to add my website, https://rezeptplaner.com, where we offer tools for recipe planning, but I'm having trouble linking it in my profile. It seems like the URL box isn't accepting any entries. Does anyone have tips on how to fix this?   Thanks for your help! View more

Content creation and tutorial class

Here's a possible introduction message: "Welcome to our content creation and tutorial class! Are you looking to unlock your creative potential and learn new skills? Do you want to improve your writing, design, or programming abilities? Our class is the perfect place to start. In this class, we'll ex... View more

Audio distortions

Hi, I use shure sm58s microphone and scarlett audio interface. they used to work just fine, lately I am observing distortions in audio. I am not sure if the problem is with microphone or audio interface. If anyone has any idea which one could cause audio distortions please let me know. Thanks, Deepa... View more

The June 2024 Instructor Insider

Hey there instructor community!   Your June Instructor Insider is here, and we have some good news in store: New features have launched, more opportunities for the marketplace and subscriptions await, and we have a special callout for your inspiring stories. There are also some challenges too, and w... View more

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