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Studio U is a space for aspiring Udemy instructors to encourage one another and learn from published instructors.

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Published Instructor Club is an exclusive space for published Udemy instructors to discuss topics, such as marketing and course management.

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Please Help me

I already fixed the course photo and uploaded the new one without any text but I didn't find the submit button. and still having this message " Required fixes: You have 1 item to be addressed afterwhich you can resubmit your course for review.           View more

How to create 4 course with 7 1.hour-video? First time in Udemy

Hello everyone,   We are a company providing business development services to clients in VN. We would love to use Udemy to see if we can get in touch with potential clients.   We have a complete 100% ready online video training: - 7 sessions of about 90 min - each session follows up on the previous ... View more

Adding Video

Hello  everyone)I am new to Udemy. I do not know how to add video. I have created a course. However, I have not got response from confirmation of ID. How long does it take to be confirmed by Udemy?  Can I upload/add a lesson before verification of ID? or Do I have to wait till my ID confirmation? Do... View more

understand payment policy

I want to know one thing, I am very confused about this,    from the udemy website,    ""   1. Sales occurring through instructor promotions: instructors receive 97% of the revenue when the student purchases their content using an instructor’s coupon or referral link.   2. Sales that do not occur th... View more

I make my first $200 on Udemy Best answer

I Posted My First Course on Udemy in 2019 and Since Then I Have Posted 20 Courses but haven't Seen Much Growth.So Far the Money I Have Earned from Udemy Is Only About 200 to 250, I Have More Than 42,000 Students, Most of My Courses Are Free, and Very Few Courses Are Paid.It Is Frustrating for Me Tha... View more


Increasing Overall Volume in Videos

Hi everyone,   I hope you're all doing well! I'm reaching out because I have a question about audio recording. I use OBS for recording, Openshot for editing, and the BOYA BY-M1S Professional Lavalier Lapel Microphone for capturing audio.   I've noticed that my audio recordings are sometimes too low ... View more

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