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A/V Solutions: Drawing on a screen

Hi everybody,


I'm wondering how I could go about recording my screen (a regular screencast) and then with a tablet or something how I could draw on the screen with a stylus? And then when I'm done I could clear my doodles and return back to regular screencasting again. I actually have no idea what that's called, but if someone could help guide me in the right direct, that'd be really helpful! 


I'm using a MacBook Pro, if that makes any difference.


Thank you! 




I'm not sure for Mac, but for my courses I have used Microsoft OneNote to draw on a touch-screen laptop.


This is how I do it. I connect a graphics tablet to my computer using usb that comes with the tablet. The I run my powerpoint slide. I may have a blank slide with my preferred colour (black). When runing the PowerPoint slide, go to the "pen" icon next to the navigation at the bottom left corner. Click it and the pen appears as a dot. You may choose the colour of the pen at this point. Keeping my eye on the screen and guided by the dot on the screen, I can write on the scrren as I would do on papre using a pen. When I'm done writing, I simply navigate to the next slide. But when you want to exit the slide show, you will be promted to save this inking of the slide. You may discard it but it will of course appear in your screen capture. If you're using camtasia, you can hold "ctrl + shift+ D". A pen appears and you can write on the screen. You do not need to use PowerPoint. Hope this helps.



I use Camtasia 2018 (Windows/MacOS) to record my screen while drawing on a tablet attached to my computer.  I can then edit my recordings in the Cmatasia 2018 video editor in post-production to remove transitions from PowerPoint slides and other unwanted errors.  I draw using the application Clip Studio Paint.

Hope this helps,



I record on a Windows system and use an free application called ZOOMIT. I did a quick search on MAC alternatives and this one came up,


I haven't used it but looks similar to ZOOMIT on Windows, plua it's free. Worth a try.


In my opinion, if you want accuracy when drawing, you need a dedicated drawing tablet.


I don't use it for my courses, but for my photography projects I use an XP-Pen Deco 01 tablet, which connects to my computer via USB.  I use it on Windows but it works on Mac as well.


There are more expensive ones, but this is enough for me at the moment. It has a big enough drawing surface, detects pressure, works very well and it is not too expensive ($60.00).


I use the iPad Pro with Notability. It's extremely powerful and the handwriting optimization makes it great. 


Now, the trick it to record it easily! I fire up Quicktime and use iPad as a camera in there. That brings in the screen of the iPad so now, it's just a window that I can use. Doodle away! Shift to whatever other window you want to show/code in/animate. 


Hope that helps. 


Any tablet will do the job, buy the Wii Styles Pen it works with all devices, record right to the tablet using any screen recorder and you won't face any problem 

Use OneNote


You could use a graphic tablet which comes with a stylus and not as expensive as iPad.


Basic model:


Pro model:




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