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Major Milestones: $100,000 Total & $10,000 / month

What a great Black Friday / Cyber Monday. I hit two milestones: $100,000 Total and $10,000 / month in less than 2 years. Thank you Udemy, for this great platform and all your efforts!



I started my first course just for fun and I didn´t expect anything because I

  • teach extremely competitive topics (Python, Data Science, Finance)
  • teach in English and I am not a native Speaker
  • had no following
  • never made courses / taught anything before (in fact, presentations had never been my favorite activity)
  • hadn´t worked in B2C before (only B2B)
  • don´t do any marketing


In my view, it´s still possible to start a successful (side-) Business on Udemy

  • If you are an Expert in your Topics and provide additional benefits/insight/niches
  • If you have some talent in structuring and explaining complex topics in a way that 98% of your students really understand and digest what you are saying. I have always been a good and passionate learner. I guess this really helps to create and optimize content for students.  
  • If you have patience and realistic expectations. Even if your first course is (in your opinion) the best and most comprehensive course in its category you probably won´t make thousands in the first couple of months. Algorithms prefer/promote those Instructors/Courses with an existing track record, which is OK. 


Some insights and tips:

  • Udemy is not passive Income -> It´s hard work to create (& update) 10h, 50h, or even 100h of video content. If you are new, it´s even more important to answer student questions and help your students as good as you can (can be very time consuming and nerve-racking)
  • Udemy is not a getting rich quick scheme. It´s a bet on continuous growth: I crossed the $1,000 Milestone after 4 months, the next $99,000 took 19 months. But the truth is that I am still months/year(s) away from break-even (income if I had invested the time spent on Udemy into the next best opportunity).  -> Udemy is more than just money, it´s a lifestyle. If you are an expert in something and earn good money, Udemy is probably not the best alternative if money is your first priority. 
  • Don´t start with your “flagship” course. Start with 2 or 3 short/free courses, improve your course making skills, understand how the platform works, and build a first audience/following.




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