Update regarding video playback issues


Hey everyone, thank you so much for flagging the issues you and your students have seen with video streaming the last couple of days. Our engineers are actively working on fixing this issue with our content delivery network (the servers that allow us to distribute your videos around the world).

If your students reach out about this issue, please feel free to let them know that we’re working on it. They can also reach out to our support team directly by submitting a ticket here. We know that issues like this have an effect on your relationship with students, and we’re taking active measures to decrease the possibility that this will happen again.

I wanted to thank you all again for proactively reaching out to our support teams and for your patience as our team fixes the issue. I'll keep you updated here when there’s additional information to share.


  • GrahamNicholls

    Thank you for the update @JocelynH

  • LindsayMarsh

    Great news! Thank you for keeping us updated @JocelynH

  • JocelynH
    JocelynH Posts: 1,536 Community Champion rank

    Hey everyone! This issue should be fixed now. If you or your students notice anything strange with streaming, please reach out directly to our support teams so they can investigate further. Thank you!