Company or Organization ?


I saw an example of a published course

From the preview, it seems to be a course authored by an organization. However in the couse description it is stated that the course was created by an individual

My questions :-

1. why is there such a dichotomy, and what does it mean? Also, who will actually receive payment - is it the individual or the organization?

2. In some course descriptions, the qualifications and credibility of the instructor are described. If the "person" instructing the course is a company, does this mean the qualifications and credibility of the company should be stated ?

Hope someone can enlighten.


  • ElianaC
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    Hi @Lynn
    I'll suggest you reach out to the to get more information for the questions you have. Also, could you please remove the course link and the instructor's name (click "options" then select "edit message")? We don't allow sharing course links or personal information.

    Eliana Cerna

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  • Lynn
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    ok, done