unpublished lecture


Hi guys

I have 4 vidos that are saying htey are unpublished. i have published 6 vidioes sucsedully, ive tried deleating them and rea installing them mutable time, but its still saying unpublished, hope you can help. exsiting to get this out to the world. :)


  • TheoGough160

    OMG that worked, thank you so much, i strugesl with that for days


    I think you are facing the same problem as I faced. when I asked a question about the same no one was there to answer but don't worry I think I might know the answer.

    I think your duration for course gone above 2 hours and as per new policies FREE courses must be under 2 hours of video content. if your course is not complete then set a price for the course in the Pricing tab then you will able to upload the lecture and it will not show as unpublished.

    hope I helped you.

  • Surajjadhav7375

    Anytime brother

  • DoolaaneaAA

    Yes this solved my problem, thanks.