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I have a video course that does not utilize instructor lectures, just visuals and voiceover. I assume that I need at least a total of 30 minuites video, can these videos be used in place of instructor video lectures? (need 5 of those apparently)


  • ElianaC
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    Hi @JayCotrone
    Our minimum requirements for a course is that it contain at least 30 minutes of video content contained within at least 5 lectures. Typically, a video should not be more than 2–6 minutes long, you should be able to find more details here

    Eliana Cerna

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  • Karansetia
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    Yes Sir u can utilise those videos too in the lectures.

    All the best for your course creation do share your videos

  • JayCotrone

    Thansx Karan!

  • JayCotrone

    Typo, its early !

  • FrankKane
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    While you can upload a course that is just 5 videos with no actual video and 30 minutes of content, I wouldn't expect it to sell well. Putting in the bare minimum effort on Udemy generally doesn't pay off when you're competing with other instructors in the same topic who are willing to produce a more comprehensive offering.

    If you're just doing this to practice and get something out the door, that's cool. But if your goal is to have an impact with this course, I'd advise making it more comprehensive. People can get 30 minute videos for free on YouTube; they rarely pay for them.

    Study the existing courses on Udemy in your topic, and ask how yours can be better than that.