Whick mic is best for video recording


Whick mic is best for video recording?

Any suggestions please.


  • Abefe
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    well it depends on the type of content that you will be dishing out, if you will be making a screencast video, the a USB mic like the blue yeti or fifine k690 is the perfect option. If you will mobile will shooting or will be in front of a camera, a lavelier mic is okay. More expensive mics set up are available, but these are the best budgeted mic

  • NickolasInd234

    Hi I just use a USB HD camera and it functions for my video and audio!
    But remember no matter the camera you use in a video dont be to close to the camera/mic or to far or your audio wont come out loud enough or clear enough.

    Hope this is helpful!

  • Unknown

    I own both a Blue Yeti (condenser mic) and a Shure MV7 (dynamic mic). Both are very good, although the MV7, because it's a dynamic mic, does a much better job of filtering out background noise, meaning I have to do far less post-editing of my audio when I use it.

    I use the MV7 when I'm in my office at home, and the Yeti when I'm at my summer camper.

  • LiamDavin1
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    It depends on how much you are willing to spend. The more you spend the better your audio will be.

    Best of luck.