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Hi all,


I am looking forward starting filming my first course, but I need to get audio equipment. I am doing research, but in the huge offer I find tricky to get a grasp on what would be really suitable to my particular needs.

So, this is my situation: the course will be a frontal lesson (the subject is classical music appreciation), I will be on camera talking at a distance of about 2 meters from it.


The most important thing is that I am going to talk and comment on recordings played on the spot with pc and speakers.

I am looking for a microphone which would be set off screen (or if visible would not disturb too much) and could capture well both my voice and the music coming from the speakers.


Some remarks:

Recording only the speaking part and adding the music moments through editing is not really possible in my style of teaching, I need to hear the music too during the lesson;

I would like not to spend a lot: I know that the higher the quality, the best are the chances of success, and quality of course costs; still, I am new to video teaching and I do not know at the moment how much time and effort I will be able to spend in creating online courses here, so I am not willing to invest a lot of money since this activity might end up being just a nieche of my whole teaching.


Thank you very much in advance for your advice! I am aware that the question puts limitations and might not be a completely ideal solution, but I believe in your expertise 🙂

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hi @GiacomoMura check out this great post by your fellow instructor, Massimiliano, that includes a list of his recommended instructor resources:


Also, I've found some posts with great conversation on microphones:


Hope this helps!

Eliana Cerna

Udemy Community 

Hi GiacomoMura.

Music recorded from speakers in this way loses quality especially if the

speakers aren't of good quality to start with (not saying you have bad speakers)


What I would suggest is get what is called shotgun mic, this can be above your head

and out of sight of the camera. Record your lesson the way you want to, music coming from speakers etc. then line up what you recorded with the music in your video editor after.

This way you get the best recording your voice that you can and keep the music at it's

original quality.


Hope this makes sense


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