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Hi, iam new to the online teaching scheme, but definitely see it as the next logical step forward in our educational evolution, currently we have the technology to connect with almost all the people in the globe, this is happening first time in our history, and that is being achieved online, so to my fellow instructors, hope you could give me and other newbies a few pointers. Thanks.

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Welcome to the community. This small guide might help you:

Engineer, Engineering Academy-Nepal

Welcome to Udemy.

Welcome to Online Teaching.


There are a lot of things that one can learn to get started. However, if you start without a direction it can feel like an ocean in front of you and many instructors got demotivated due to this one single thing.


I am happy that you asked this question. 


Here are a few things that can help you get started.


1. COURSE: How to Create Your Udemy Course


2. Frequently Asked Questions


3. Spend as much time as possible here, on Teach.Udemy


Put in some effort to get the basics right. Everything else will fall in place.


Hope this helps.


How to remove my account from Udemy? As I am fed up because of No response of my queries regarding my Course Sewing for Beginners.

Continuously I am asking for help and support but there is No Answer.

Now I decided to remove my account from Udemy as an Instructor and leave.

Please help me how to delete my account from Udemy?


Sorry for the late response.

How are you doing? What problems are you facing on Udemy?

Apparently you succeeded because it shows no courses in your profile.


Lawrence M. Miller
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Audio and video solutions
Figure out how to create the best audio and visual set-up for your price point and skill level. This is a great place to chat about different mics, green screens, video editing software, and more.