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Hard to upload video

Dear all fellow instructors,

I would like to post my second lesson but I got difficulty to upload my video it was failed many times. I uploaded from my computer and then I tried to upload from Google Drive using the bulk uploader option.

Any suggestion what is the way yo upload the video?

My video size is more or less 3 point something Giga.


Thank you for your kind advice.


Best regards,


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Hey, @ChrisG, you can try with the troubleshooting steps outlined in our support article Why Won't my Videos Upload?. If you're still having issues, please contact instructorsupport@udemy.com.


Abbie Reyes
Udemy Community Team

Dear All and Abbie,


I have followed all the instruction mentioned on the link given.
1.My files less than 4 G
2.in mp4 format.

3.No space, no special characters
4.I have tried uploading many ways:
-Direct from my laptop,
-Bulk Uploader (Google Drive, OneDrive,  Dropbox) but still it did not come to my library (failed).


I brought to Udemy Support Team (I was helped by Burcu) but until now still no solution except that Burcu asked me to upload to We Transfer and give the link to him. It's done for video for Course 3 but until I write this message the video still has not uploaded to my course. 
I have also tried for my other course but it seems the hardship becomes permanent.


One suggestion Burcu gave was to clean up my cache and cookies, I did do as well. So what else I can do. Please ...I need your help.


I have 5 courses until now for a week I just successful up loaded one video only for my first course.
Any of you got the same experience or just me as newbie.


Thanks and I really need your help.

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